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Telescope storage/observatory


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I'm finally at the point in the build where I don't need to cover it up with plastic :D

Hopefully I will be able to put the mount and scope in the box this weekend, then there are just some minor things left to do, like isolation and some kind of safety arrangement to keep the lid from crushing my scope :)





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Scope in place and hooked up to the network! :)

Managed to get some first light images of a random star field last night. All worked like a charm, and I just love being able to stay inside while imaging. The diy arduino focuser is also working great. Theres still some minor things left to do, but I'll get to that later



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Added first light image :)
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2 hours ago, Magnus_e said:

Looking good! :)

No more of that pesky calibrating every night.

Just need one of these then? http://www.clasohlson.com/se/Kabelsamlare/Pr365203001 and a few of these :)http://www.clasohlson.com/se/Dubbelsidigt-kardborreband/Pr318147000


Lol, exactly. That cable snake pit needs some tidying up :) 

Your setup looks really nice. Also I need to get me a pair of those struts, where did you buy yours?

How do you handle flat frames?

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The struts are two linear actuators, for remotely opening / closing roof. https://gimsonrobotics.co.uk/categories/linear-actuators/products/gla600-s-12v-dc-long-stroke-linear-actuator

For flats I have a a4 led backlit drawing bord. Bought it cheap from ebay or aliexpress. I have a usb cable with 5v connectet to a relay for it, but it's not installed yet. Need to get my remote controlled dustcap redy first, and a proper polar align.

I use this driver for roof and powerrelays. https://github.com/magnue/indi_usbrelay2_roof

Buissy with work most of the time, so I can only work on the obsy on rain free weekends...

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6 years later and it's time for an update 😀

I never bought any roof opening device, so I have to open it manually each night I want to image. That's no problem though and only takes a couple of seconds. The build itself has worked flawlessly, no leakages and no problems with humidity or bugs! The only annoyance is having to take the scope in after the imaging season ends in March, due to dust and pollen accumulating on the gear between April-October

However, I have decided it's time to move the observatory to the countryside, making it fully automated 🤑 I'm gonna try converting the roof to a rolling one. Except for that there should be no need for other adjustments.

My new babies arrived the other day, hopefully it will fit in the "new" observatory without any major modifications (1.2x1.2 m is really on the tight side for my current setup). It's an Altair pier and a iOptron CEM70G. My AVX has worked fine (except for DEC backlash) giving me 0.7 RMS guiding, but the CEM70 should be a better fit for a remote observatory three hours away.


The goal is to have everything ready when imaging season starts again in October!

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