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Any QHY8 owners out there?


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I am presently trying out a QHY8 Pro that someone is selling secondhand.  Unfortuantely, I'm having a problem that looks at the moment as though it might be a related to a possible faulty power supply or 9 pin power cable.  Has anyone got a power supply and/or 9 pin power cable for this camera that I could borrow to see if the ones I have are faulty?


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On 19/10/2016 at 18:26, sloz1664 said:

Hi Michael,

Just picked this thread up. I have a spare 9 pin cable you can borrow. What seems to be the specific problem?


Thanks Steve.

The camera is on short term loan with an option to buy it.  I'd really like to buy it if I can get it working properly.  

The problem is that the internal temperature sensor keeps reverting to reading 100.1oC and hence mucking up the set point cooling.  I gather that the software does this if it losses signal from the sensor.  I've tried changing computers, operating systems, software, drivers , USB cables and power supplies, all to no avail.  Thus it seems that it's either the DC-201 power controller, the 9 pin cable or the camera itself.

Others have reported problems with the 9 pin power cables causing similar problems, so swapping this over is the next logical step.

Are you planning on coming to SGLXII star party this weekend?  

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