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Buying from Japan? ........


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Should work the same as the US, HMRC wil levy Duty and VAT according to the cost. Not sure about the shipping but items I have bought that were from China seem to get here fast, always/often a little surprised.

If whatever gets sent via FedEx or other international shipper they will generally take care of it all. That is their business afterall.

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I  dealt with Barry Gooley of Kokusai Kohki of Japan over the years when, amongst other things he was able to supply and deliver quite quickly, old Mr Tani san, circle T Orthoscopics. 

Never had any trouble with imports/customs until the day I treated myself to their extremely nice EF508 illuminated 10x60 finder scope. It was expensive, but when customs jumped on it with duty, receiving and handling costs to boot, it became one very expensive luxury. I shall certainly not be ordering goods from that neck of the woods ever again.

Now the £ is settling to its lowest against the $ for many years, I do not doubt goods ordered from the States will be off the cards for many, as time progresses :hmh:  

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I think you can by small items from Japan and not pay any import duty, last time I looked is was up to around £60 I think.

I bought a "webcam" a few years ago, when it arrived it was a beautifully wrapped webcam stand :laugh2:

Completely my fault :help2: I really should have read the description!  Great packing and delivery though :laugh2:

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I bought my Nikon P520 through a company specialising in grey imports. They guaranteed no extra charges which was the case.

My wife and daughter bought a big box of clothes & toys from China, and ended up paying about £30 duty, but it was still a cheap deal.

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