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Help with Skywatcher HEQ5Pro mount + Celestron Starsense + Celestron SkyFi 3

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Hi. As per the title, I am trying to make this all work.

  • A Skywatcher HEQ5 Pro mount
  • A Celestron [for Skywatcher mounts] Starsense unit (which also replaces the Synscan hand controller for a Celestron one)
  • A Celestron GPS module (which does actually work OK with the hanset)
  • A Celestron Sky-Fi 3 unit
  • Android Sky Safari 5 Pro (via Wi-Fi)

It probably would have worked out cheaper and easier to just buy a Celestron mount!! Anyway, my issue is configuring Sky Safari to talk to the mount. I can get it to communicate with SkyFi3, but it says it cannot communicate with the mount. Thing is, I don't know which mount I should be configuring it as because it's a bit of a Frankenstein. I have tried Skwatcher and all the Celestron ones.

I have a USB cable plugged in from the SF3 unit to the base of the Celestron hand controller.

Has anybody else created such a monster that can help me trouble shoot it? Pretty sure it should be capable of working.





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Actually, I have this working now. The only thing I did differently was to plug the StarSense camera in, so it probably didn't like not seeing it from the handset. Works a treat. Fully automatic alignment, and fully controllable from my Android tablet. Shame I need a USB connection to my imaging laptop, but I suppose I could control that via remote desktop.

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hi just seen this - let me know if you get any lock ups, mine seems to intermittently stop tracking (mount slew commands + goto stop working), though suspect may be faulty starsense handset . got similar setup (starsense, AZEQ6, SkyFi 3 )regs Jamie

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