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parfocal rings advice

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I am considering on going down the route of parcocal rings for both my ES82 & 100° eyepieces and wondered what peoples views were on them ? I can see the pro's of using these with my parcorr saving me time and effort adjusting settings for coma every ep change but I can't help but think your limiting the amount of meat a focuser or CC has to grip hold of. The ES100° are no light weights and their length goes against them also so would the reward outweigh any potential risk ? I know I never feel comfortable with filters on eyepieces as you catch sight of barrel extruding the focuser despite their being plenty of barrel and filter being held on to. Plenty places sell parfocal rings so I assume not too many cases of eyepieces end up hitting the ground when using them ??

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The ES82 eyepieces seem to have fairly long barrels and are not heavyweights so I don't think there would be any issue if you're using a compression ring.  I don't know about the 100 degree eyepieces but I guess these would be the ones needing the most inwards focus anyway (so wouldn't need the par-focal ring? 

BTW I'm looking at doing this myself...  I need the Televue 2" to 1.25" adapter for the 14" Delos aswell.. :p bah!  Would be great to get all the other eyepieces from 19mm Panoptic and then the ES82 eyepieces (11, 8.8, 6.7 and 4.7) parfocal...  Now I seem to remember they were all not that far off from position 5 to 4 on the Paracorr..

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