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Possibly the best planetary scope for under £40


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Just look at the implied views of Jupiter you can get with this thing !!!..... and we wonder why beginners seem disappointed when all they can see is a blurry blob through their SR4mm Eyepiece / 2x Barlow Extender combo. :rolleyes2:

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To be fair, the instrument is capable of achieving the views seen in the ad. But really, they should make it clear that you need to purchase one of these first:


(It's important to buy the DB6 version with the locking value, the base model is only for short orbital jaunts and really shouldn't be used for interplanetary travel.)

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I heard a rumor that this model comes with Televue premium eyepieces...

Seriously there's no shortage of cheap, bad telescopes out there. And as for misleading photos on the packet, even reputable companies such as Meade and Celestron stoop to this on many of their inexpensive lines. Sadly every year, and especially for Christmas, thousands of uninformed parents will buy these type of telescopes with high expectations and leave thousands of young people with a pathological hatred of anything that even remotely looks like a telescope!

I really do believe that as a responsible community trying to further our hobby, we must take every opportunity to help with outreach projects whether it's through the local astro club or in your child's school etc. I have, in fact, heard of clubs which have bought one of these types of telescope specifically to show and warn potential purchasers how useless they are.

After Christmas I see so many advertisements for nearly new telescopes, sometimes with the claim "used only once", and my heart sinks. Behind these types of ads, I imagine a story of frustration and disappointment and yet another person (who knows, a potential future Galileo) who will never continue in the hobby or even the profession! I hope I exaggerate, but I'm not so sure.

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That's the problem with Ebay, they don't vet the Ads, or their viability.
Totally misleading that one, and some sap is going to fall for it. One would have difficulty keeping
the Moon in the FOV at low power on that  flimsy mount   stick.

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8 minutes ago, wheresthetorch? said:

What more could you want? 

An FACD (patent pending)

It always sounds better if it is in colour and is an acronym that people don't understand - they think it must be something so good they can't live without it.

[It stands for fully-automated cloud-disperser, which would be about as reliable as the rest of the claims in the advertisement.]

Actually, thinking about it, one of those would be nice ...

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11 hours ago, L8-Nite said:

I wonder what Galileo would have thought of it back in his time ?


9 hours ago, Pig said:

He would probably have changed career Mike.......


I have read a book that indicates that Galileo first telescope could only magnify by 3x so maybe he would of been well impressed?. 

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Yes I miss the CD. Have to say that I have considered stopping my subscription. On a positive note I thought the November issue an improvement over recent editions. In particular I found Pete Lawrence's Andromeda article helpful. I shall go globular hunting now I know where and how small and faint they are (often issues for stargazers with my level of experience)!

Oh dear, I've lost the plot. I thought I was commenting on the Sky at Night magazine post. Sorry Spaceboy!

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