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M31 and the ED80 - Getting into DSO's and a new 'scope

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Hi All

Having moved to a new location in the UK with fairly dark skies, my astronomical interests have taken a turn towards imaging Deep Sky Objects.  Most of my 'kit' was geared up to planetary imaging using a 6" SCT on a CG5-GT mount.  The closest I had to a 'fast' short focal length refractor was a Jessops 80mm f5 job.  Lousy focuser, pathetic finder, poor quality eyepieces - you get the picture!  Anyway, I decided to give it a go and I coupled my unmodded Canon 450D to this 'scope.  Although it was tracking and roughly polar aligned it was not guided.  One of the first images I captured with this setup inspired me to move on.  Earlier this year, I invested in a SkyWatcher ED80 Pro - what a fabulous little 'scope.  Using this on the same CG5-GT mount only this time using the now redundant Jessops 'scope as a guidescope with an Altair GP-CAM camera and PHD2 I tried again.  Guess which of these two images is the ED80 version.


OK - still a lot to learn.  Just acquired a EQ5 Pro mount as my CG5-GT is getting a bit long in the tooth now and I'm always conscious of the racket it makes whilst slewing (always seems so much louder in the dark!) and getting to grips with the ASCOM platform and EQMOD - should be fun me thinks :-)  


2015_08_21 m31 V1 - Copy (1280x789).jpg

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Haha, I saw the title and quickly scrolled to see the second image: whoa! what's wrong with his 80ED :)

The second is actually quite a good image for a Jessops f/5 refractor, but, yeah, the other is much nicer ;)

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I can't complain too much about the Jessops 80mm refractor.  I discarded the finder, eyepieces, tripod, barlow and was left with the OTA with a wobbly focuser and extreme internal reflections.  Managed to reduce the reflections with flocking but the focuser was beyond redmption.  But, for £27, it hasn't down too badly :-)


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Welcome to the learning curve :)

You're image is a start and pretty good one at that. Keep reading, watching and asking questions and you'll be knocking out Russell Croman style images in no time!! :)


Edited by Dark Horizon

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Certainly is a learning curve! So many things to take in to consideration and, dare I say it, it is usually the simple thing that trips you up.  Spent 10 minutes the other night wondering why I couldn't see any stars from my guidescope in PHD after building a Darks Library.  Then I discovered the guidescope objective was still covered - doh! 


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      Well, not all just the sw ed80 and ed120.
      I have acquired a taste lately for flat fields and round stars edge to edge. I've never bothered with ff/fr so far, I'd rather spend the money on an extra scope, but I feel I can justify one. But which one, as I would like to improve both my scopes. So it boils down to this: has anyone used either the dedicated sw ff/fr for the ed80 with the Ed120 or the ff/FR for the Ed120 with the  ed80 and got good results? And when I say good, I don't mean great (as with the dedicated one), just better than using the scope with out one.
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      So, although I had some issues with my auto guiding (which I found out afterwards) I did manage to get 9x180s exposures and 5 darks of Andromeda and give both stacking (using DSS) and processing (using GIMP).
      My first attempted DSO....
      I am pretty sure that people could get far more information out of the TIFF file from the stack.
      Hopefully I will get another clear night soon. I am in a heavily light polluted area so I do have a clip in filter on my DSLR which I think took a lot away.
      More practise needed!
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      Hi All,
      Having had to move to an apartment where I could not use my CPC 1100, I decided that I have to see what I could do with my NexStar SLT 102 (alt-az achromatic 102mm f6.47 refractor). Setting up on my narrow balcony was challenging and the altitude bearing was so loose that it almost moved from the weight of the Canon 700D. I could not see M31 in the estimated 3.5 magnitude sky so I did a two star alignment and used the live-view to focus on a bright star. I then took a 15 second exposure after slewing to M31 which allowed me to see that I had it in the field of view. After a few more 15 second exposures and playing with the motion controls I managed to get it centered. The resulting picture is from 39 subs of 30 seconds at ISO 1600, 9 flats. The images were stacked and stretched with Siril and then I played with the curves on Gimp, cropped and scaled. Not too unhappy.

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      Have decided to sell my trusty Equinox ED80 refractor.  Sharp optics, smooth two-speed Crayford rotatable focuser, fitted with a finder shoe, and complete with the original Skywatcher case and tripod-threaded mounting bracket.  A 3D-printed Bahtinov mask is included, along with a pair of mounting rings and a Losmandy dovetail plate.
      Collection preferred (Sussex coast, not far from Brighton), payment by bank transfer or cash on collection.
      Looking for £325.00 

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