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Thought I'd have a bit of a clear out, I never used this more than half a dozen times, I had intended to use it in a dual mode, guide and planetary camera but never got around to buying a planetary telescope.

I have the original box , st4 cable, usb 1.8m cable & the 11/4 nose adapter..

Looking for offers over £120

I believe these are going up in price soon because of the current exchange rate.  

Here is the kit for sale along with the wide field fish eye ( with camera ) 



I will take some pictures of the actual camera when I get home later tonight.



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I've decided to keep this little gem, since updating to PHD2 I am very impressed with it.

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    • By Ricker
      I am imaging with a ZWO 178mc-cooled and am having trouble removing amp glow.  I am using darks in the same conditions as lights and stacking and imaging with SharpCap.  I am left with a image looking like below.  No matter what I do I seem to be always left with this residual amp glow signature,  Any ideas out there?

    • By widotje
      Hi all,
      Since a few days, I'm the proud owner of the asi1600 Pro.
      Performed some first tests, see: https://youtu.be/hHJBbpNoi2I
      I used SGP Pro to test cooling and dark frames (2m and 5m) on unity gain settings.
      Is it ok to use unity gain (139) setting or should I use high dynamic range?
      Also, this is my first mono. Do I need to take flats/bias frames for each filter separately?
      And how could I stack either broadband or narrowband images? I'm used to deep sky stacker.
    • By Yogesh
      I have a Skywatcher 200PDS. I managed to get images of saturn, jupiter with the telescope and the ASI120MC-S camera. However, to get a bit more magnified image of these planets I got myself a Barlow Tele Vue 3x and Revelation 5x. I am having trouble with this setup and really disappointed now. I am not able to achieve focus with any of these barlows using my planetary camera. I have added extension etc. but no luck whatsover. I just see a blank black video preview in SharpCap. I have seen people using the same setup and getting good images out of those. Any help highly appreciated.

      Thanks and Regards,
    • By Yogesh
      I have recently purchased a ZWO ASI120MC-S webcam from FLO. I wanted to try it the other night so I decided to get some test images for the moon. I was using Sharpcap for this. I manged to get the video and was using Autostakkert to stack it. On the final stacked image I can see that there are some strange vertical lines.  I have attached a picture of that. There is also a zoomed in image of a region and I can see some small squares almost resembling the pixels on the sensor. Below are my capture settings as given by SharpCap.
      [ZWO ASI120MC-S] Debayer Preview=On Pan=0 Tilt=0 Output Format=AVI files (*.avi) Binning=1 Capture Area=1280x960 Colour Space=RAW8 Temperature=19.2 High Speed Mode=Off Overclock=0 Turbo USB=86(Auto) Flip=Both Frame Rate Limit=60 fps Gain=50(Auto) Exposure=0.001993 Timestamp Frames=Off White Bal (B)=95 White Bal (R)=52 Brightness=0 Auto Exp Max Gain=50 Auto Exp Max Exp M S=30000 Auto Exp Target Brightness=100 Mono Bin=Off Apply Flat=None Subtract Dark=None #Black Point Display Black Point=0 #MidTone Point Display MidTone Point=0.5 #White Point Display White Point=1 TimeStamp=2018-06-25T23:13:22.6772909Z SharpCapVersion=3.1.5214.0 For Autostakkert (v2.6.8 ) I was not doing anything fancy. Pressed analyze and then used 50% of the frames to stack. Used 200 as the AP size. Also, had the drizzle as 1.5x
      My camera was mounted to a skywatcher 200pds  and HEQ5 mount.
      I am failing to understand what is going wrong here. Is the camera a problem or stacking is an issue ? Please let me know if there is any more information that you need.
      Thanks and Regards,
    • By Patbloke
      Thanks for the previous advice folks...
      So moving on from my first two outings with the ZWO i decided to have a go at Jupiter (see attached) Now before you comment I realise that this is a pretty poor image in lots of ways, however, the purpose of showing it, is that hopefully I'll be able to put another side by side in a fews years showing some progress and understanding regarding imaging?
      I downloaded several imaging programs yesterday following advice for which I'm grateful. Now some programs look a lot more complicated than others so I ended up using Sharpcam and Registrax3 for my image... I will look at the others when I have more time I promise...
      Today, I'm reflecting on yet more new terminology I hear of... I think I get Gain and Exposure, even darks I understand... But wavelets, Align points and load flatfield are new terms that sound like the devils work to me...
      I must just reiterate that the purpose of my ZWO purchase was to do live laptop based observation, or Electronically Assisted Astronomy, but I am really keen to use the instrument to part of it's full potential, hence my venture into technically challenging world ?
      One thing I did learn of a YouTube clip yesterday was to change the image size before capturing which has resulted in me actually being able to see a finished image which at least can be recognised as Jupiter!
      Here's an additional Question - Most people recommend Fast scopes for imaging... I see a fair few people use 130, 150 Newts... Skywatcher do a new pds Newt model which they state has the secondary mirror slightly closer to the primary which helps Astrophotography. Why wouldn't (other than cost) would you buy the 200 version? this would be more bang for ya buck yes/No? 
      It's a big post, but it's a huge subject........
      P.S Where's the Astro imaging school??

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