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Some more handheld afocal work yesterday late afternoon 11/10/2016, this time with a Sony Cybershot DSC-W610 14mp compact camera, 80 ISO with auto exposure taken through an Orion Expanse 20mm EP and the Celestron Nexstar 8i SCT. I used some of the cameras optical zoom.

Images had some level adjustment and sharpening in PaintDotNet and converted to black and white. The last image of the Alps Region is a 2 image stitch in Autostitch.

Images not correctly orientate and need to be flipped I think.


DSC00501 25p.png

DSC00501 25p BW.png


DSC00492 25p Sharpened.png

DSC00492 25p Sharpened BW.png


Day Lunar Alpine Region 40percent 2 frame stitch.png

Day Lunar Alpine Region 40percent 2 frame stitch BW.png

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Hi Aaron. I'm working on 1 good shot (keeper) per 10 shots now handheld. I have ordered one of these below to help out. I was going to get the older plastic type but decided to give this newer one a go first.

Afocal Rig (Small).jpg

The Orion Expanse 20mm 1.25" EP gives good clear views while still keeping all of the moon in shot. I've started experimenting with the camera's optical zoom which seems to be working out well. Previously I've used 32mm and 40mm 1.25" EP's in my C8 for afocal which also produce nice results. I've recently bought a 50mm 2" EP which I've yet to test.


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This last image is correctly orientated. I have named some of the larger lunar surface features and a few smaller ones. There may be a typo :o

With my current telescopes and imaging gear I have worked out that I can resolve craters/craterlets down to about 4-5 kilometers in diameter. To better this and to get clearer overall and finer detail I'm looking at buying an IR block filter and eventually a larger SCT. I'm also still on the hunt for a Televue Powermate.

Day Lunar Study_Correctly Or Named Final.png

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      Recently I bought a ZWO ASI178MM for planetary/lunar/deep-sky imaging and last weekend i had clear skies so I was able to capture videos of the moon in two panels. I have already processed the videos in AutoStakkert, I used 3x drizzle because I intend to print the image so now I have two 120MB TIFF images that i would like to combine in a two panel mosaic. I tried doing it in Hugin, a free panorama stitcher but the program crashes due to the file sizes being too large. I have searched for tutorials on using DynamicAlignment in PixInsight but it seems to me that i'll need a reference image to be able to create mosaics in PixInsight. Is there any way to go about this, I feel like this should be a pretty straightforward job but I am not very experienced in PI so I would really appreciate some advice.
      I tried using DynamicAlignment as you can see in the attached screenshot but the result was just a cut version of the target image, aligned perfectly to the source image. It would be perfect if it didn't cut off the lower part of the target image.

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      Thought people may like to see my recent custom design for my SkyWatcher Heritage 130p... 
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      Here's a quick shot of last night's moon.
      I've broken the crayford on my SkyWatcher 130pds so had to hold the focuser tube to get it sharp. Not ideal but I'm pleased with the result. 
      Àny ideas how I can add more colour without affecting the detail?

    • By Adaaam75
      Hi guys,
      So on Tuesday night I spent the evening imaging the moon with my Celestron 9.25 SCT and DSLR as shown below and am happy with the images I collated (I only took images as I did intend to take capture video but I got carried away and time was getting on).
      I have approx 350 jpeg (and the equivalent in raw) images and have used the Microsoft image composite editor to stitch the frames together without editing them first etc but I wonder if I'm going the images an injustice?
      I'm not ready to pay for editing software as I know there is a lot of very good free downloads out there and I'm asking for recommendations. Should I be processing the frames before/after stitching and what software would you recommend? Please offer any advice you have.
      I will post the resulting image once I'm happy with the outcome 😁
      Thanks in advance,

    • By Pankaj
      Hi. Its been 12 days of lockdown here in New Delhi, India. Gave me some quality time to spend on my childhood hobby. After a long time, I pointed my 10" Dob towards the Moon. And surely it does not disappoint. Its always a pleasure observing its surface. Observing it through eyepiece was a hair raising experience as I moved from 25mm (48x) to 6mm with a 2x Barlow (400x). Later I connected my dslr to the scope and took some quick pictures attached below.
      Also took a video. Here's a link to my google drive. Please excuse me for the background noise that is there in the video.
      MOON SURFACE - Ultra Close up.mp4
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