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Good morning all


I am still very much beginner. Bought some books, read a lot of articles, bought a cheap telescope to get familiar and now I would like to purchase something to make a new step. I want to get to know more about photography and observation and looking for a new scope. At the moment my favorite is this one:


I would definitely want to have a motor and remote. Also, as critics are against the mount I am thinking about changing it with a different one if it proves to be that flimsy. As it is not that expensive I would rather take my chance on something like this. Do you have any thoughts? Something within range (quality/money) to suggest or something to take into account with this one?


Thanks up front!


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The Celestron was my first telescope (surprise gift) and it  re-kindled my interest in Astronomy and for that I am pleased, but I soon discovered its short comings, and indeed amongst them is the mount which is only just adequate for the scope. The Skywatcher version of the 130EQ is better in many respects.(https://www.firstlightoptics.com/reflectors/skywatcher-explorer-130p.html)

The small battery driven motor drive on the 130EQ does  work but in practical terms its not really very good and mine is still gathering dust somewhere. It does not have a remote by the way.

It would mean digging deeper into your pocket but maybe something like this would be better:


Buying good second hand equipment is always (nearly) useful way to cut costs.

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If you want to get into astrophotography, you definitely need to make the mount your first priority. Many people will say that you need at least the HEQ5 or equivalent.

You may want to head over to the imaging sections, and see what people are using. Here's one thread that can give you more information

Depending on your budget, you could have a look at the EQ3-2 mount with RA motor, the EQ3-Pro (with goto), or the SW Star Adventurer. With short focal length, these mounts can give quite decent results. Plus they are easier to transport/carry. Consider that many DSOs are relatively large objects and may do better in a short focal length scope.

Sorry if this advice is too general, but without knowing your budget and viewing/imaging conditions, it's difficult to be specific.

If you intend to use the scope for observing, then an Alt-Az mount or Dob will probably give you better aperture and value for money.

Hope this helps

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Good morning.

thanks guys. If I read correctly the first one is proposed is not really good for photography. I dont intend to make professional shots but would like to be able to make some decent ones with my DSLR. I am currently located in Tuscany and weather here is much better than my previous location (Netherlands) so I hope to get some more opportunities for viewing/shooting.

I was considering paying about 300e for the telescope. But am willing to pay more if it would make a difference. For instance getting a separate mount etc.

Thanks again!


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Take the telescope out of thoughts for now, use it for observing.

You have a dslr and I assume lenses you could use that for your photography, so think about a mount to put the dslr and lens on, staradventurer would do that.

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