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international astronomy show

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Friday 14th October 9.00am – 6.00pm            Saturday 15th October 9.00am – 5.00pm

Looks like £8.00on the door or £8.00 pre booked general entry.   Lecture tickets £6 each plus you need general entry ticket

hope I got this correct from website.

Found a facebook link if you like that sort of thing.............

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Safe way to not spend any money though! 

I went today with some friends from Macc Astro Soc. It was very enjoyable. And offered the chance to see new kit. The one that intrigued me was. A prototype CCD camera, complete with LCD screen.

John I want to see Nigel Henbest at 10am because I enjoy the early history of Astronomy. I also want to see Dr Kate Russo (1.30pm) who is talking about the 2017 Total Eclipse. I am still hoping t

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On 10/10/2016 at 22:25, Ouroboros said:

Is it open on Thursday? Looks like Friday and Saturday on the website. 

Quite right!!

As chance has it, my work now has me on the Midlands on Friday!??


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I think you can get in from 9:00 am and tickets at the door are £8.50. I'm probably going to get there around 10:00 am on Friday, traffic allowing.

The talks are £6.00 each I think.

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I went today with some friends from Macc Astro Soc.

It was very enjoyable. And offered the chance to see new kit. The one that intrigued me was. A prototype CCD camera, complete with LCD screen. This is very similar to the fold out screens on DSLR's. I thought that would be a great tool for focusing the CCD/Telescope.

I picked up a nice 50mm Altair guider/finder for my new 115 ED. And a colleague picked up a ex-display IEQ25 from the same people.

The show is well put together. 

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I enjoyed it too. Caught up with a few people. It's good to see and pick up some of the kit. See what it looks like in reality rather than on a website photo. I spent some money .... rather more than I usually do at these things. But some healthy reductions including a 20% reduction on a guide camera tempted me. 

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I went on Friday this year. last year seemed to be all about the Williams optics star 71 I looked at it at the show and then bought from Flo. I'm happy with mine but after buying found many returning there's  with problems and now discontinued,this year seems to be a lot of interest in the zwo asi 1600 cooled I was very tempted to purchase on the day but held back,I own a qhy8l and had nothing but problems with it.As zwo is made in China two I am a  bit worried it's not been tested enough so will wait this time for reports,Astophotography is not cheap you buy something new and it will lose half its vaule straight away just to pass it on(that's if u can pass it on).Also I was hoping to start a meteorite collection but looking at the two stands at the show was not impressed would have been better to display in bigger frames with a write up about the item to me just looked Iike rusty stones.The benefit of the show to me was to see the item that was of interest to me up close and then maybe purchase later.seems very quiet from people that have attended this year.As always a big thanks to the people that organise the event for us.




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I and a friend went on Saturday, both new to the event.

Very impressed with the organisation, size of venue and the event itself.
Attended a very good talk by Nigel A Ball and spent time talking with Dave Eagle and in the Planetarium.

Tried lots of kit, got very good avice and  a chance to look at ket in the flesh.
Failed to spend much money, bought a few bits but have fed the kit list for the coming year.

Fully reccomend anyone who has not been and is newish to the scene to go, it's a very informative and enjoyable day.

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I went to the event on Friday and had a good time looking at some great kit, chatting to vendors and meeting some old SGL friends :icon_biggrin:

I was tempted by the ES 165mm triplet on the Telescope House stand but it would need an observatory I reckon, plus funds for a divorce as well as the scope :rolleyes2:

Interesting to see some new Bresser long focal length achromats which are due to be launched next year I believe.

Had a close look at one of the ES 30mm 100 degree 3" format eyepieces and decided that my scopes would wilt a bit with that in the focusser !

It was nice to meet and chat to Ian King from whom I bought my Takahashi FC-100DL earlier this year.

All in all a good event and I'll look forward to next years :icon_biggrin:

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I went on friday and met somebloke called peter :headbang: , seems to know what he is talking about :happy7:

I thought there was a reasonable amout of people there , much bigger venue than astrofest so gives everbody more elbow room

Nice to have a peruse :icon_biggrin:


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Yes, I was there both days on the Society for the History of Astronomy stand, but managed to escape and chat with the vendors and buy some bits and bobs, and had a good chat with Gerd from Astronomiks - what a cool guy. A really worth while day out for anyone who is unsure about whether to go or not next year. 



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