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Sun, 8/10/16. ST80, DSLR

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Cloudy pretty much all day and even when the sun did get through there was still some cloud slightly masking it.


Managed to fire off a few shots. Stacked them to get this resulting image:-

sun 81016M31 021016.jpg


Thanks for looking. :-)

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Nicely done sir ... :icon_biggrin:

Always worth just ignoring the clouds drifting by and just firing off plenty of frames anyway.

I found a couple of years back that if you concentrate of nailing focus so the the detail is there to be captured then the more 'cloudy' frames you stack the better the results , stacking basically treats the clouds as if it were noise and to a degree evens it out across the disc , you'll always get a little mottling / blotchiness but I feel it's more than acceptable as a record of activity given the rapidly changing nature of the subject.

I'd much rather have an accurate record of the day than miss out in search of the perfect pretty picture.

Never be afraid to experiment and see how far you can push things , you'll be surprised at what you can get away with by throwing the rule book away ( I think my image from yesterday illustrated that ... :icon_colors:

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Thanks everyone. Hope to get some more images today. As much as I love my lunt, it's so easy to use the st80 with filter. Especially when there's plenty of cloud passing over. 

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