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Sol WL 08-10-16 @ 11:38

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Clouds all morning till about 11:15 then there I got some nice big blue bits. Seeing was pretty good so I pitched up outside. I'm pretty pleased with the full disk but I bodged the close up. 

The flats I took for the close up appear to have introduced a nice pretty gradient, didn't happen with the full disk flats though, also I should have hand picked the subs as they're not stacked too well but hey ho. I was in a rush with the stacking as I've been busy since capturing the data and was eager to get back to it. I'll pay more attention next time.

FD is 100 of 300 frames, 1/1000, ISO 100, cropped to 2500x2500 and aligned in Pipp, stacked and sharpened (with 20% raw blended) in AS!2 and finished in PS.

CU is 50 of 300 frames with 2.5x Barlow, 1/160, ISO 100, same process but shrunk to 20 of original size to avoid offending the eyes :)


Sol FD 08-10.png


Sol FD 08-10 colour.png


Sol FD 08-10 invert.png

And stop scrolling now to avoid hurting your eyes with the close up.

Sol FD 08-10 closeup.png

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Thanks gents.

36 minutes ago, xtreemchaos said:

 looks like you had cracking skys.

I did mate, which is why I'm so peeved that I mucked up the close up.

Had another go at it though, cropped AR2559 out of the original frames in Pipp, without flats then stacked and played around with the wavelets pretty hard. Pretty noisy but not quite overcooked, it'll do for now :)


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