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Perspectives on the Cocoon nebula. Two images

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The Cocoon is not my favourite DSO as far as good looks go but its surrounds are fascinating. The first image is a Milky way image from a few nights ago (posted on widefield forum also) that focused on the Elephant Trunk complex as the main area of interest. Only later did I notice the cocoon to the right of the image. It looks a bit like a flying hot ember with smoke behind is as it falls to the ground.

The image was 21 X 5.5 min unguided subs with 50mm lens on modded 1200D camera at F5. 

The second image is a development of one posted on here a week or so ago. This time I have added some subs from another session so it represents 4hrs and 42min (23 X 10 and 7 X 7 min subs, 1600 iso) exposure time. The FoV is slightly smaller as my attempts to match the framing over 3 sessions are not 100%. I think I have done a better job processing it and particularly in dealing with blobby stars to the right of the image. Ruud responded to the last posting saying 'It left a trail like a swan swimming through duckweed'. This was taken with my 72 ED-R with 100D.

Hope you enjoy my takes on the Cocoon and if anyone could explain what its trail actually is and whether it is formed by the cocoon or just happens to coincide with it, I would be very interested to know!


Elephant part done crop.jpg


Cocoon and trail good one.png

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Interesting perspectives view on the object. The dark stuff is just that dust (not sure on specifics though) most likely between us and the target but it could be all the same dust cloud with the star heating the gases and dust causing the nebulosity.


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