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Steve Ward vs NASA/SDO ...

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Couldn't resist a bit of a play ... :icon_albino:

Not too shabby for an old boy with a DSLR , 20 frames and an atmosphere to contend with ... :happy7:

Rotated and scaled my Barlowed effort down a tad to match their latest Continuum shot .



Uppermost images courtesy of NASA/SDO and the AIA , EVE and HMI imaging teams.


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Thank you Peter ,

Was great to meet up with you at long last , shame the Sun was playing hard to get with your 150 waiting.

Hope the rain passed by quickly for you all , I ran into it about 10 miles south and never drove out of it all the way home.

Looking forward to visiting Tod at some point , just need to roll a few things together to make a decent trip of it.


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It was done mainly for a retard over in the States , one of those with a three grand 'scope but no idea how to use it , hopefully he sees it .

I had a major row over on Cloudy Nights a year or so back with him after he accused me of using SDO data for my discs , apparently I was "down-processing" the data to make it look rougher in order to pass off as my own ... It's not possible to capture this kind of detail with single DSLR frames apparently ... :happy7:

I really wish I'd grabbed screenshots of the conversation before it got a bit out of hand and got deleted by the Mods , it was a great read , I even sent him the RAW files to play with but he had no idea what to do with them.

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5 hours ago, Steve Ward said:

It was done mainly for a retard over in the States

Damn you Steve, I just had a coffee keyboard interface moment :coffee2::computer: = :angryfire:

Anyhoo, I noticed a chap on one of Damien Peach's Mars rotation videos on YT the other week claiming it was fake and you sometimes get fed up/amused/bothered by the terminally hard of thinking so I had to say something, he spewed forth some straw man arguments and then someone else joined in as well. I think one of them had the last word so I might revisit actually.....

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Read those John , never made the connection but I'm rubbish with names ... :happy8:

I try very hard to avoid getting dragged down in YT comments , there are far too many flat-earthers and moon-hoaxers hiding away on there for my liking , but as you say sometimes you just have to try and educate them , unfortunately the majority are far beyond saving from themselves ....  :argue:  ...  :angryfire:  ...  :BangHead:  ...  :angry8:  


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I normally 

1 minute ago, Steve Ward said:

I try very hard to avoid getting dragged down in YT comments

I normally do too, in fact I've occasionally typed a rant in response to some nonsense then come to my senses and deleted the blighter so I don't know what came over me this time. I know deep down that irrational people can't be convinced of something they don't want to be convinced of, that's kind of the point. Every now and again though you just want to try.

Anyhoo, hijacking your awesome image thread, sorry about that....

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