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Not posted for a long time , it is nice to image again


Finish at last , ok but still not happy with the stars , I just can`t collimate this scope 100%


Thank you for watching, any comments welcome..  



Scope 12" rc f 8

Camera moravian g3 16200

Mount Mesu 200



L 3.5 hours binx2

G-1 hour binx3

R+b- 1.5 hour  binx3

Ha 1.5 hour bin x2

All 5 min subs


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I have often wondered if it would be possible to shoot the core with a bigger scope--now I know it is!!!  Wow.  The size of your sensor helps--I would need a 4 panel mosaic to cover the same area.  Well done.

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Really nice image!

But I do not think you reached the limit yet. Last year I started probing the M31 core and was supplied with data from Ole Alexander whom, like you, had used a 12" Newton. I think it shows you could even get more details out of that core, see this thread:


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    • By astrorick
      At last had a chance to take an image, the weather here has been absolutely terrible
      Ngc 3628 galaxy in leo

      scope 12" cff RC f8
      camera moravian G3 16200
      mount mesu 200

      Best regards and clear skies
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