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Roy Challen

Zeiss CZJ Orthos for sale ***PENDING***

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Everyone knows that eyepiece collections rarely stay the same for long, and so it is with mine. I've had quite a few orthos during my observing career. Some, like the Meade RGOs or Baader Genuine Orthoscopics, or indeed the single Takahashi MC ortho I had, were very good indeed. The Zeiss CZJ range are a step above these, and I have two for sale because I simply don't use them often enough to justify having them lying around doing not very much.

So, one or two of you will (hopefully :wink:) have the pleasure of these premier league eyepieces.

The 16mm is the reticle version, but without the reticle. This means the field of view is wider than the average ortho, but the field stop isn't razor sharp, I would call it indistinct. This doesn't detract from the view in my opinion. The eyelens surround has some discolouration that I didn't want to try to remove in case I made it worse. The price I'm asking for this is £70 including UK postage and PayPal fees.

The 6mm is, in short, mint. As in looks brand new. These don't come up for sale very often, and can fetch ridiculous prices especially in the US. I don't believe in exaggerating prices based on a brand name (especially Zeiss) even if they are 'worth' it, so I am asking for £150, post and PP included.

They will be very well packed- as anyone who has bought from me in the past knows - but don't have their own boxes, I don't think they were ever supplied in one but I could be wrong. I should also mention that they are 0.965" fitting, so you'll need and adapter to use it in 1.25" or 2" focusers, but you already knew that, didn't you?!

I you have mint condition examples of Celestron Ultima SV series (the 5 element, Japan made ones, in original boxes) I may consider px or some kind of trade. I'm looking for 12mm or thereabouts, and 7.5mm

Thanks for looking





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    • By 25585
      Expensive. Has anyone got/used a Zeiss Abbe Barlow?
      Are there lower priced equivalents proved equally as good? 
    • By 25585
      Are these same as the Baader, or different lenses in a Baader body?
    • By 25585
      Unknown for me as eps. Which makes have best eye relief at any given fl. Being a Vixen fan, their 8-24 is on my radar, but are there others as easy?
    • By 25585
      Do you have a preference for binocular body design i.e. roof prism - one piece body slimmer whole, Zeiss/German - OG LENS turrets screwed onto porro prism body, Baush and Lomb/US - single body for porro prisms and OG lenses?
      There are for the latter two mixed designs, especially as bins get bigger. Not sure what design the giants use.
      And do you have any preference for individual eye piece focusing or central focusing (with a single eye diopter adjustment)?
    • By Stu
      This is an unusual combination. I bought a Denkmeier PowerSwitch on a 2" WO diagonal (if I remember correctly). The diagonal was not in brilliant shape, and I wanted to be able to use my Baader Zeiss T2 prism with it, so I removed the diagonal, fitted a T2 Adaptor and there you have it.
      PLEASE NOTE The Zeiss prism is excellent, but does have some slight damage to the coatings. On one side, an eyepiece barrel contacted the surface and left a ring which is obviously ring on the limit of a 1.25" fov. On the other, there is a slight mark. Neither of these are visible in use, or have the slightest effect on viewing quality but I need to point them out. Overall these prisms are excellent for high power viewing and seem to have the edge over even top line mirror diagonals. In my experience the image holds up better under higher power.
      The PowerSwitch has a reducer and multiplier selection, and is very handy. I used it a fair amount for solar observing with good success.
      Difficult to price. Let's say £75 for each part so £150 total collected at SGL11 or £160 posted. Note that it also includes a Baader variable extension tube which is in itself worth something.
      Paypal fees paid or bank transfer please.

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