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Walking on the Moon

Sol 5-10-16 09.40


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50/50 cloud here thismorrning, seeing is good, the triple spotted AR is looking very good in the vis ,i spent a good 30min at high power with the big frac untill i had to stop due to white eye.  kit AR127L f9.5 for close ups and ed80 for full discs, 1.5x barlow, lunt wedge, 1200d in mono and 1:1 crop mode. loads of frames staxed with regi shot in jpeg. thanks for looking and i hope you all have clear skys. charl.


sol 5-10-16 0940.png


sol 5-10-16 0940 col.png

coloured invert.

sol 5-10-16 0940 inv.png

close ups shot with AR127L and 3x barlow.

sol 5-10-16 cu2 col.pngsol 5-10-16 cu2-.png

closeups shot with AR127L and 1.5x barlow.

sol 5-10-16 cu1.pngsol 5-10-16 cu1 col.png

and a coloured invert took at 11.25.

sol 5-10-16 11.25 inv.png



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