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Vixen Sphinx SXW cables needed

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Hello everyone, I have recently acquired an old Vixen Sphinx SXW mount with star book controller.
I have updated starbook to version 2.7 firmware.
I need to buy the serial cable which connects star book to the mount.
Also I need to buy the AC power adapter to power on the system.
Will this serial cable and this ac power adapter fit my purposes?
Other option is to buy straight from Vixen but these items I believe are highly overpriced.



Anybody who has this mount let me know.
Thank you

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That serial cable will work - the original Vixen cable is wired pin to pin.

That power supply will provide the correct voltage and current but the connector will not fit the port on the controller or mount.

We use a Maplin-supplied PSU:


combined with this cable:


You could use that cable with any power tank or splice it onto a power supply.



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Thank you for the reply to this topic.

Vixen recommends the following items to be used with Sphinx mount

(1) Vixen #3599 12V mains adapter


Vixen AC Power Adapter Kit
Includes Futaba Industries Model AC45-12 Power Supply made in Japan, with cord and male plug for Vixen products. Power Supply plugs into wall current to provide 12 volt DC current for use with the Sky Sensor 2000, and DD-1 controllers. This is not recommended for the SD-1 controller.
For use with the SPHINX Starbook also order the P/N AM-AC-2537 Tip Adapter (described below).
Power Input: 100 to 240 volt AC
Output: 12 volt DC
Ampere Rating: 3 Amp
Power Cord Polarity: Center is Negative, Shield is Positive

(2) Vixen #2537 tip adapter


AC Adapter Sphinx Plug for use with AM-AC-3599
Converts tip of Vixen P/N AM-AC-3599 12 volt 3 amp AC adapter (described above) to work with SPHINX mounts. Will also work for any tip negative "M-plug".
Plug Dimensions:
outer diameter 5.5 mm,
inner diameter 2.1mm)
Plug Type: "M-plug"
Cord Length: 67 inches / 171 cm
Model # AM-AC-2537

(3) Vixen serial cable for starbook controller


Reference: VX-25227
Manufacturer: Vixen
Vixen serial cable for connecting Starbook controller onto Vixen equatorial mount (Vixen replacement part).

All the above items cost around 200 Euros or 223$ to get them to my home location.

I just wanted to ask what is the added value to buy these vixen items. e.g. I will have better GOTOs with the Sphinx mount? the mount will run more smoothly? The mount and starbook will be protected better from power fluctuations?...

Another approach to all above is that I can save a lot of money if I buy budget equipment which also can do the job...

Serial cable:

Power unit made in China:

Total Cost both around 10$

or I can buy this power unit, made in China, from Baader

Total Cost with serial cable around 65$

Both Chinese power units offer plug with dimensions 5.5 mm x 2.1mm which is OK for the Sphinx mount.

Could someone persuade me why to go with Vixen option?

Thank you

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As I said in my previous post, those power supplies will work fine but they will NOT fit the plug socket on the SX mount. It is NOT a standard 2.1mm connector.

That is why you need a Vixen-specific adaptor cable such as #2537 or #8644.

Since your mount is out of warranty it doesn't matter if you use third party accessories. If the mount was new, Vixen would not offer warranty support if you used third party accessories and something failed.

Please note that the Vixen America site is dormant i.e. you cannot order from it.



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