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Summer Triangle Challenge

WIP - Eta Carina in Ha


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I've wanted to image this jewel for many years. I decided to visit an Astrofarm in Namibia, and finally got the chance. Taken with a Canon 200mm f/2.8 at around f/4.4. This is 4.5 hours of 15 min subs. This is a WIP as it's a tricky target to process. It has very bright areas, so it's a balancing act trying to dim them down slightly and getting some detail, while still keeping it natural looking. I'll no doubt be tinkering with this for a while :)

I do have Oiii data as well, but I bought the filter just before I left (Baader 8.5nm), and it turned out to be part of the batch affected by the onion rings on bright stars :( My next job is to see if I can salvage the Oiii, as I'd love to put a bi-color together.

C&C welcome as always.


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