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Couple of WIP - M31 and ic63

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Working on these two. First up is a straight Lum channel for M31 (Andromeda galaxy) - this is what I collected tonight 11 x 900s, but it's less than half the total if I include last year's data so I will try stacking them all together and see what comes out :)

Usual kit: NP127is, Moravian G4-16000, 10-Micron GM2000HPS, Chroma 3nM filter (for Ha)


Full size: http://s970.photobucket.com/user/ChrisLX200/media/Astro - Images G4-16000/M31 Lum ST_zpsiyxgriii.png.html



Second is trying to see how deep I can get into gamma-Cass nebula, currently 10 x 1800s in Ha. Although hard stretched it does show some interesting structures which encourages me to gather more data.




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Thanks chaps :)  That was the first real clear period for some time so it makes a change to stop a few photons. I tried stacking the older M31 Lum data together with the new but to no advantage, last years data was captured with a Moon in the sky and it was obvious the increased background levels are swamping the fainter detail. The RGB might still be useful though.


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4hrs of Lum data on M31 now, flipped it around too :)  My aim here is to reveal the dust lanes - at the expense of pushing the stars into the background a bit. Star shapes are always poor anyway because of the under-sampling with 9um pixels @ 660mm focal length.

The full image is here:


but because the image scale doesn't show well posted here I've cropped an interesting bit out. Still doesn't show the full resolution but you get a better idea.


Currently collecting the RGB channels but my sky is getting murky and I may have to pack it in.. :(


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Well I'm up to 7 hrs integration on ic63 (14 x 1800s) and I doubt I can get any deeper than this. I've done all sorts of bad things to drag detail out of the data!  Still, there are many faint and very low contrast features to be seen, notably (to me) what could be another 'soap bubble' located at the 7 O'clock position in the image below. I have to emphasise this circular feature is exceedingly faint but there is also a star (middle of three) located bang in the middle which might be a candidate star that released a shell of material. It could also be a dust bunny... (not really :) )




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