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Skywatcher 150P /Canon 700D compatibility

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Hi all I am very new to astrophotography and am thinking of buying a Skywatcher 150P to use with my canon 700D camera. However I have heard that there may be difficulties focussing this combination,  Any advice would be great!y appreciated



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I have a 150p on eq3-2 and can attach my canon 1100d via a t ring and adapter. I have taken pictures of planets and the moon via eye piece projection method and also getting some images now of star clusters etc at prime focus all unguided and not tracked at the moment. 

Its not the best for astrophotography but it is possible. Others on here will offer better advise as I'm fairly new to this. The 130p-ds is a better scope for AP. 


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Hi, I have the Skywatcher star discovery 150p,  I had to modify the focuser to get prime focus with my canon eos 1200. This will void the guarantee 

I'm not sure if the scope your asking about is the same as my ota

The 150pds is designed for astrophotography .


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You would need the appropriate T-ring to attach the Canon, then to get extended images an Intervalometer or Remote Timer - same thing 2 names, about £20-25 from Amazon.

The catch is that the sensor for the DSLR is in the camera body whereas the object plane for an eyepiece is usually a little outside the eyepiece. In effect you have to wind the focuser and DSLR in a lot more. What then happens is simply there is normally insufficent inward travel. This is where you have to make a decision.

1: Use some type of ectender to move the prime image out, often a barlow but that reduces the brightness. If you went this way get a 1.6x barlow - cannot guarantee they will move the image sufficent as it depends on the tube lengths.

2: Replace the focuser with a low profile one, Not sure if modifing the focuser is easy/possible. I somehow doubt it is as  simple as cut 20mm off the tube.

3: Move the mirror up the tube by about 20mm, this in effect moves the focal plane out and so it can now fall on the DSLR sensor. You will need to recollimate afterwards.

With 2 and 3 you will likely need a short extension tube afterwards to use the scope with an eyepiece as by moving the image out the eyepiece will now not be far enough out to achieve producing an image for visual use.


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The 150p might similar to my Astroview 6 from Orion. I'm able to get prime focus two ways. One way is with my DSLR with t-ring and t-adapter placed into my Barlow. Second, my eyepiece holder on my focused can unscrewed and removed. Threads are exposed where a camera with only the t-ring can be attached to the focused.  Your focuser may be the same as these scopes may be made by the same folks, Synta.

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The problem is you just say 150P. There are several different '150P' telescopes. If you mean the Explorer f/5 150P, yes it will reach focus with your camera and a low profile t-adaptor or t- ring screwed to the t thread on the bottom half of the 1.25" eyepiece adaptor that comes with the scope. In my experience, the single speed Skywatcher focuser is more stable and less prone to slip than the dual speed focusser supplied with the P-DS versions. 

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