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ZEQ/CEM25 Max Weight for visual

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Hi Guys,

I'm looking for some help, I'd like to upgrade my DOB to a GOTO/Tracking mount. Primary aims are to no longer have to nudge to keep things in view and perhaps some initial planetary imaging via video capture. My scope is the skywatcher 200p (1200mm/F6). While the weight (10kg/22lbs) is well within what the CEM25 claims to support I wonder is it realistic to stick this scope on it? I will also probably use this with just a camera for some wide field work and also learn the ins and outs of EQ mounts, tracking, maybe auto guiding in the future and eventually buy another scope for dedicated DSO AP. Does this approach seem feasible or am I going the wrong way?



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Hi Peter, I don't know from practical experience, however, a couple of years ago a did lots of research into Ioptron and decided that they are a really innovative company with some great mount ideas, but I read that they might be a bit optimistic regarding weight limit claims. 

You could give it a go if you have enough counter weights, but my gut feeling is that you might get plenty of vibration at the eyepiece. 

The CEM25 does place the centre of mass down the centre of the mount which I thought was a really great and new idea, this might help some, but the Ioptron standard tripods can be a bit on the light side from what I remember reading, and tripods can make all the difference. 

If you're keen to give it whirl a would probably upgrade the tripod, I think this would help a lot. There is of course nothing to lose by trying the standard tripod first :) 

You could use it as an opportunity to prove/disprove the weight limit claims. bearing in mind that a short scope will do better than a long scope of the same weight.

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I would tend to agree with Chris. I went looking in a retailers a bit of a drive away at an iOptron SmartEQ for a scope I have. Didn't want anything too big.

The SmartEQ is rated at 5Kg, 11lbs, the scope is 3.5Kg, 7.7lbs. So about 2/3 the capacity, seemed like a fair option. I took one look at the SmartEQ and immediate thoughts were "No way will that mount hold the scope." Not sure what the ZEQ/CEM25 is physically like, waiting for them to become a bit more common place here. I expect to drop the same scope on one of them.

Will say that the tripod the SmartEQ was on was very lightweight in appearance. It may have been that which disuaded me almost immediatly.  However I do recall that every mount seemed to have the option to purchase (at additional cost) the next tripod in size up. So that may be the catch, the mount head is OK but you sort of immediatly need a tripod upgrade. At least the Skywatcher tubular tripods are solid, I am just suspect of their electronics.

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      I bought a new CEM25P and just spend two nights trying to get it to track.  I've had many GEM mounts over the last 30 years, so I thought this would easy.  But it seems that either I have a problem with the mount, or I am getting old.   I leveled, balanced, and polar aligned the mount well.  Then I attached a guide scope.  I did NOT attach the cable from the guidescope to mount.  I also did not attach the mount to my computer.  This way I could watch stars drift and get an idea of was going on with just the mount.   I checked the CEM25's tracking rate, and it is set to sidereal.  LAT/LONG and perfect.  Time accurate.   Next, I watched stars drift on my laptop using PHD.   When the mount is turned on, and tracking turned ON - the stars move somewhat quickly in RA.  Like they are slewing slowly.   When I turn OFF the tracking (zero key) they still drift, but a little slower.    When I turn off the power to the mount, of course the stars drift, but at slower rate still - normal sidereal rate.   When I turn the power back on the stars drift a little faster.  Turn the tracking back on, and they drift faster still.   But when I set the slew speed to 2x, and press and hold down the left arrow key, and the stars STOP drifting.  Perfect tracking.
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      I have a problem with my iOptron ZEQ25GT mount. When switching it on the mount the Go2Nova 8408 Hand Controller does not start nor does is there a beeping noise.
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      Due to to a combination of a change of shift pattern at work&a shoulder opI had last year Im reluctantly putting up my imaging setup for sale.It comprises of the following:
      1. Ioptron ZEQ25GT with custom made CWs and extendable shaft,custom made pier head adapter with materials to make a DIY pier
      2. SW 200PDS with rotating ring and secondary dew heater
      3. Optistar AR80S Dual Speed
      4. Modified Canon 350D with charger and battery
      5. Astronomic CLS CCD 2" filter
      6. SW Coma Corrector
      7. Astronomiser 10m cable(for camera control)
      8. QHY 5-II camera with guide scope adapter
      9. Hotech Laser Collimator
      10. Phillips SPC900(not in original casing)
      11.DIY dew heaters and control unit
      12.Bahtinov masks for both scopes
      Comes in a flight case and a few other bits and pieces that you see in the photos.I've attached a photo of The Witches Broom which i took with this setup,photoshop not being of of my best skills
      £1300 ovno
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