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Astrotortilla help needed.


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Hi all i would like to use Astrotortilla with my Williams optics star 71 and my qyh8l ccd camera,i'm struggling with the calculations needed or maybe confusing myself as my maths skills are not great,I have followed lightvortexastronomy.com calculations best i can.I have the ccd specs image size as 3110 x 2030 and the scope field of view as 3.97 x 2.59 the widest index file i am choosing is 4214 would that be correct? and the narrowest with the 20% off to be index 4210?.The next problem is the scale min and scale max figures if i take my field of view figures 3.97 x 2.59 and divide each by 60 figure i get is 0.0661666 x 0.0431666 so would the figures to enter be 0.04 for min and 0.7 for max scale? astrotortilla don't seem to find a solution with these figures.Please could somebody check my figures out:help:.



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My first question would be: 3.97x2.59 what? degrees? arc minutes? You can enter min and max in either, as long as you set the units right. I would simply set the units to those of the figures you are giving and then set max to 4 and min to 2 (or maybe 5 & 2 to allow for a bit of slack).

Not sure about the file numbers, as I downloaded everything due to having different systems.

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So if you hit the results on that list it gives you...


Size: 3.86 x 2.56 deg

So 4212 and 4213 should be more than adequate, be sure to delete all of the *.fits files in this folder before you rerun the AT installer...


Otherwise it will continue to scan through all of them and take rather a long while.  Those are also the settings for AT once its launched, I'd try max 3.87 and min 3.85 and then on the custom command line put this...

--sigma 100 --no-plots -N none -r --objs 100

See if it will solve then, you can solve offline images by connecting to the ascom simulator, then choosing tools->goto image

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With that help I might just go back to using AstroTortilla, so thank you John :)  I used to find sorting out all the calculations difficult and confusing and frequently got it wrong, resulting in problems with plate solving and great frustration and lost imaging time! :(  So now I've got back into imaging after a couple of years break I just couldn't face AstroTortilla any more.  I have to say though that when I had things right AT was very good :)

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