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yet another double cluster


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i wanted to see if there was any nebulosity in this area but i didnt detect any in 15 min subs with ha (probs not long enough)

anyway here is my effort.

5 x 900 sec HA

15 x 60 sec red 15 x 120 sec red

15 x 60 sec green 15 x 120 sec green

15 x 60 sec blue 15 x 120 sec blue

thanks for looking and all cc welcome.

the DOUBLE CLUSTER-NGC 869 and NGC 884 jpg.jpg

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6 hours ago, wimvb said:

Nice image with lovely star colour. I like it.

If Ha doesn't show anything, why add it to the mix? Doesn't that just increase the noise?

Thanks for sharing.

thanks Wim

i sometimes use the HA as 50% luminance to control the star bloating in this case it was just a test but i do think there is something there i will give it another go with longer subs next clear spell.

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4 hours ago, alacant said:

Didn't get the implication. Sorry. 

Nothing negative, the implication was only that the OP could look as long as he likes for nebulosity in his field of view but wouldn't find it. The area you highlighted is outside it so he would have to shift field or use a wider field in order to show it. That's all, nothing bad!! :):) 

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