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HEQ5 Pro "Both axes No Response"

lux eterna

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It is very unlikely that the hand controller & the synscan adapter have both failed at the same time.

Therefore I do not think another version of Synscan Pro would make any difference.

Since they both plug into the same socket it is very likely that the socket is faulty.

This socket has 2 pairs of wires. 1pair carries power to the HC or Wifi adapter. The other pair carries data.

If the power wires are ok but the data wires have failed this would produce the effects you describe.

The HC & the adapter would both be powered up but would be unable to communicate with the mount. "Device not found"  "Both axis no response"




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I recently had that “Both axes, no response” message.  Before deciding I had a blown MB, I did a bit of detective work.  I had recently done a strip and clean followed by installing a belt mod.  In the course of setting the RA worm I had to loosen off the little control panel -  several times.  I decided to check all the connections behind it and discovered one of the wires from the hand control had come loose and also, the On/Off rocker switch was not working properly - an intermittent fault.  A little soldering and a replacement switch and reassembled it.  And everything worked fine.  No more nasty messages.

So before leaping in and ordering a new MB, it might pay to check these simple things first.


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