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A few nebulae and galaxies

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Hade clear nights on 4/9, 5/9, and 8/9, tried some new targets on dark site, SQM 20.8-21.0, average to below average transparency, high humidity (80 to 100%!) might be the cause.

Here’s a 30’ TFOV of some DSOs (diagonal view):


NGC 6590 (emission nebula) and 6595 (reflection nebula) are the brightest, easily seen in direct vision in 68x without filter, and do take mags too, 180x brought out three faint stars in it.  With UHC filter, a fair trunk of nebulosity got lost, presumably because 6595 is a reflection nebula.

IC 1284 (emission nebula) and NGC 6589 (emission nebula), not visible without filter in 68x, UHC brought it out. Best shown with 4,8mm exit pupil in 42x.

IC 4690, a galaxy of irregular shape, stars inside it made it a little more difficult, though seen in AV 68x, it actually took higher mags too, 180x still seen in AV.

NGC 6820 (HII region) and 6823 (Open cluster) (diagonal view):


6823 is an easy recognized OC, while 6820 a little trickier, seen without filter, nebulosity best seen with UHC (OIII and H-beta shown different nebulosity) in 52x (4.8mm exit pupil), the dark stripe was difficult to make out, only some 50% of time in AV. Tried it the other way, without any filter, going up to 170x instead, nebula was clearly fainter, but the dark stripe was actually a little easier to make out than with filter in lower mag.

NGC 6945, a mag 12.5(SB 12.5) galaxy, stella like in 68x, AV hinted galaxy, 120x seen more oval shape with bright core in AV.

NGC 6956, mag 12.4 galaxy (SB 13.6), like 6945, stella in 68x, 120x seen round patch with bright core in AV.

IC 5050, mag 12.9 galaxy (SB 12.8), hinted in 68x, 120 seen oval patch with bright core in AV.

That's all, thanks for reading, Tonight is looking good so far:smiley:

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Very nice report, thanks!  Those fields look extremely rich to explore for the finer details as you've done. I've overlooked this area, which is oft dominated by the Dumbell.  Looks packed with all types of objects; even galaxies!  Thanks :) 

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