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When we observed the Perseids meteor shower 12 August 2016 my girlfriend Gunilla managed to shoot a great smoker. She uses a Canon EOS M with a 22mm f2.0 lens wide open mounted on a tripod.

You can see the GIF animation here:


There is also a full HD animation link at the end of the text.

Really nice and I didn't know the smoke can last for almost ten minutes.

Lars and Gunilla from Sweden

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Hi Dave,

My girlfriend will be very proud now :-)

Don't know what's going on, but this weekend we saw an another bolid with very strong smoke that lasted for long time. No photo of it, but it could maybe be this one (sorry, only in Swedish): http://www.astb.se/cassiopeiabloggen/

Haven't got the time when he caught it yet. Our was 23:52 local time or in UT 21:52. Stockholm in Sweden.

Thanks for the comment!

Lars and Gunilla

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    • By little-geek
      geminid meteor shower expected to start on december 13, and should be visible until the early morning of december 14th
    • By Astrofriend
      When you have a lot of fun stuff you always think, is there another way I can use it ? I bought recently an used GoPro Hero5 Black camera. It's excelent to do time lapse movies with. But could it be used for astrophotography ? I have in mind doing time lapse of meteor showers. When I use my DSLR with a mechanical shutter I use 1/100 of its life time every night I use it for time lapse. With the GoPro camera there is no mechnical shutter, but will it be sensitive enough ? A very rough estimate is that it only have 1/10 of the sensitivity per pixel. But I'm curious, I want to test it.
      I collected some information here and test that I have done:
      At the end a link to last night Perseid meteor shower. And it really works, but only catch the strongest meteors, but the camera is small and I can have it in my pocket so very easy to bring out in the dark and setup.
    • By BiggarDigger
      Hi everyone,
      over the seemingly endless summer nights I've been looking at projects to do that wouldn't be affected by the sun close to the northern horizon.  In the past, I used to operate meteor scatter on amateur radio, and spurred on by the recent article in The Sky at Night, I thought I would put together a small meteor scatter reception setup.
      The system comprises a HB9CV (a very simple 2 element phased array) a few metres of RG58u and a RTL-SDR connected to the PC in the study.  I rigged the antenna up in place of an old, now defunct, Sky satellite dish and pointed it south.  It's mounted on the side of the house, approximately 4 metres above ground with a clear view to the horizon.  This is ideal because the cable run is fairly short and no additional holes are required in the wall.
      Over the weekend, I played with a few software packages, looking for options, not just to view waterfall plots, but also to be able to log, analyse and tabulate the results.  I wasn't expecting much as GRAVES is radiating to the South, meaning it would need a significant backscatter to be able to reach Scotland and the HB9CV has only 3-4dB forward gain.  Nonetheless, I setup HDSDR and added the M4 screen capture and logging tool from Andy, M0CYP.  Tuned to GRAVES, I was hearing a number of pings during the day and had a couple of big pings too.  So I left it running  overnight and I thought I would share some initial results from last night.
      The first two images are the same ping, wrapping around the waterfall plot. 


      The second two are part of a 61 second burst starting at 10:51:48 UTC this morning.  Lots of other small pings and bursts too.

      There's much more to do to optomise the setup, particularly on the software front.   I played with a couple of other packages, notably "Echoes" trying to setup to log the echoes in a usable format to analyse duration and intensity, but it failed ot detect any pings.  Switching back to HDSDR almost immediately detected backscatter.
      One thing I haven't figured out yet, is the correct settings display the monitored frequency correctly on the logging tool.  The frequency scale at the bottom of the logged plots in the detection software is incorrect, while in the tool itself and HDSDR they appear correctly tuned, see attachment 5. 

      Note HDSDR and the detection too are tuned to 143.050, but the logged pings are at 143.0525.  Perhaps, I need to read the help file some more...
      Looking forward to next weekend and the Perseids now!
    • By Some Dude With A Mak- Cass
      hey everybody, I'm going up to the headlands international dark sky park on the 17th and 18th for the leonids shower. anybody else planning on being there? hoping for some pro help with my scope if i can get it. if you plan on being there, feel free to let me know.. id love to have some help learning to use my scope well. so far only seen a fuzzy moon and a tiny little neptune dot with it, so help is much appreciated if available. 
    • By Cozzy
      Perseid through Cygnus.
      130 images taken got one Perseid, astrophotography you gotta love it. Image 30secs Canon 1000D stock lens (18-55) at 18.
      Slightly out of focus sorry.

      thanks for looking.
      Oh dear that looks really gaudy on here, green stars! doesn't look like that on my laptop.
      I'll have to sort that out and re-post.
      Re-ashed image.

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