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Plagiarism - sincerest form of flattery!

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Following on from this thread Michael started....

....in a blatant act of plagiarism, I purchased the same dual mount adaptor and additional TS Vixen clamp for my Giro-WR. To fit the adaptor properly, I needed to add 4 spacers made from a plastic milk bottle, and it now works very well. In addition, whilst playing around with the various pieces, I replaced the lightweight shaft in the Giro-WR with a 13cm Stainless Counterweight shaft. This adds a little weight, but the result feels much better; smoother motion and I'm sure it will cope with heavier weight. I can swap back at any time so no permanent alteration has been done. 

I also found that I could arrange it so I can add a counterweight shaft extension plus weight without removing the clamp, making the whole thing much more flexible for single and dual scope use. Very pleased, and grateful to @michael.h.f.wilkinson for the idea :)

Note to self, must get a smarter looking CW, or paint this one!






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17 minutes ago, Stu said:

Very pleased, and grateful to @michael.h.f.wilkinson for the idea :)

Note to self, must get a smarter looking CW, or paint this one!

Thanks for the interesting report / read,  au contrair, as Del would have said, it looks well used, loved even ! All you have to do now is beat-up on the rest to make it look similar :angel4:

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Alternately, there's the counterweight bar on a dovetail. I was thinking about painting the CW as well, but now it brings out the white details on the ED120 so I may not bother.


Still need to paint the wooden thingy...

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      Is anyone here using the TS Photon 6" F4 newtonian? I'm about to purchase it but I have some doubts and questions:
      1- Does it hold collimation well, at least in a single session?
      2- Is it impossible to balance in DEC due to its small dovetail or is it possible but harder?
      3- Is the focuser rigid enough or does it introduce tilt?
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      I am trying to plan out my longer term equipment strategy, rather than go for impulse purchases and would like some advice on dual mounting scopes.

      At present I have a roll-off shed with steel pier in concrete block. The mount is an HEQ5-Pro, stellar tuned and belt driven which is supposed to have an astrophotography payload of around 11Kg.  My main camera is an ASI294MC. Guide camera Lodestar x2. 
      I switch between two scope set ups.  (Weight for both includes cameras and filter draw.)
      •    ES102 with 50mm guide scope, FL=714, weight is 7.5 Kg
      •    C8 (not edge) with 6.3  FR and OAG, FL = 1260,  Weight is 8kg
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      One of the reasons for going with a fixed pier in a shed is that once set up and aligned, I can just push back the roof, align, focus and get imaging in 5 mins.  However as targets change I need to swap scopes, rebalance, rewire etc. Not a massive effort but I am wondering if I could dual these scopes and perhaps eventually add something like a WO GT71 FL= 420, weight 2.93  for the wide stuff.  So total weight around 19kg.  Then maybe in the future go for a Mono camera and filter wheel and even perhaps an C9.25 Edge pushing the weight to around 23kg. 
      To do this I would plan to buy a CEM 60    mount that claims a payload of 27.2 kg, although it is not clear if this is imaging, although I can’t see why anyone would buy one just for visual. I would then just guide with the OAG.
      So I have two questions:
      Is this a realistic strategy or would I loose guiding accuracy by loading the mount in this way. Perhaps even compared to keeping the HEQ5-Pro and swapping when necessary.  Or maybe just forget the GT71 and C9.25
      If I do go down this route, what is the best way of dual or triple mounting? I have read that mounting two dissimilar scopes side by side risks unbalancing the setup, but also that mounting the ES102 on ADM rings risks flexure.
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      How does the TS Optics ep compare with Vixen LVW 22mm? Former plentiful, latter hens teeth. TS has AFOV 70 deg and 20mm eye relief, also ED.
      I like it's camera body connection possibility with a HypT2 connector (removable eye cup), but use would be visual mainly.
    • By Stu
      Following on from my lunar shots just using  just the x30 zoom on my Panasonic camera, I thought I ought to try it on a scope! These were very quickly taken in about 15 mins using my Vixen f9 Fluorite on the Giro-WR mount. It was all a little random in terms of targeting, will be much better when I pop the same combination onto the Vixen GP.
      Focusing leaves a fair amount to be desired, I need to play around with different methods when I have more time, and using the 10 second timer made it hard to just when targets were going to be in view.
      Anyway, I think these might be better if I try with the 40mm TMB Paragon eyepiece, but that involves using a 2" diagonal which I could not be bothered to do at the time!
      So, much room for improvement, particularly on focus, although there is a pleasing lack of CA in the images.
      No comments about orientation please 

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