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What is going on here? Can anyone help?

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After revisiting my 'Flaming Star' in Photoshop I felt it was much improved. I opened it in Astra Image to convert to a PNG and it was horrible! I've had a feeling that different package display the same image differently but this takes the cake.

This is a screen gab and bot programs are displaying exactly the same file with no enhancements/changes applied; at the very least they are displaying using totally different gamma settings.

Is there a way around this?



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8 hours ago, wimvb said:

Can you change the gamma settings for either program? Usually under File ... or Edit menu options.

Is the file output ok, or is it different as well? That would be a major problem.

Mercifully not, I saved as a png in both programs and the result looks like the result in PS when displayed in Windows Photo Viewer.

Something must have changed, I used to use Astra to sharpen/denoise my artificial luminance layers and I have stopped because it is making them look awful. I now realise it's just the display settings.

I can't see any settings in Astra to affect how it displays images or set the default gamma (the slider says it's at 1)

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