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They say it never rains, but it pours. Certainly seems to be the case with my NEQ6 recently.

When I set up the mount last night, I found the "Dec Lock Lever" (#16 on the attached diagram) has completely seized. Cannot shift it in either direction, despite attacking it with as much force/pressure as I felt comfortable doing, considering it is just a piece of plastic and breaking it would not improve the situation any. Had it out again today in the cold light of day, but to no avail.

So my first question would be: has anyone else had this problem and (possibly more importantly) found a solution to it?

In the absence of that, I have been giving some thoughts to what it will mean. Firstly the good news:
(1) It has seized in the position in which it is stored (with the bolts "below") so at least I can keep it in its box without major alterations.
(2) It was fine last night, as I was using the camera, which fits lengthwise on a dovetail bar, so when it was fitted in that position, the camera was pointing north - the usual "home" position.

BUT: When I put one of the scopes on it, the scope will be facing west in the "home" position. OK, so when I first "unpark" it, the mount will think it is pointing north and so the initial GOTO alignment of the scope will have the mount pointing it roughtly 90° away from where it needs to be. I can then move the mount using the EQMOD controls so that it is pointing where I want it to and then do my first sync. Once that has happened, presumably it will continue based on that position and every other GOTO of the evening will work out fine.

But what will happen at the end of the evening when I "Park to home". Will it go back to pointing west (which will mean the mount will fit in its box), or will it adjust where it thinks home is based on the syncs I have performed during the evening and so point north (which will mean the mount will not fit in its box)?

Any suggestions would be gratefully received.



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Don't own the mounts and no experience but have you thought about spraying some silicon on it? It won't dry out like WD40 and is therefore not likely to give you problems later on. Worth a punt. 

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18 hours ago, Dr_Ju_ju said:

take the plastic part off, then you should be able to use an adjustable spanner, with its greater length you be able to put more force into moving it....

Thanks, Julian. It worked perfectly and, once I had removed the plastic bit, did not require an enormous amount of force to shift it. In case it helps anyone else, the nut underneath is a square 12mm one.

I have replaced the plastic bit at a right-angle to the way it was - I have terrible difficulty with clockwise/counterclockwise or tighten/loosen - almost inevitably I end up trying to turn things the wrong way, which I guess is what has happened here - or maybe just simple overtightening, but now it will be horizontal and tight or horizontal and loose - even I won't be able to get that wrong ... umm ...

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Or, I could go the whole hog and fit a belt-upgrade.

Of course, looking at (i) how much there is to take apart and put back together again in that upgrade, and (ii) the fact that it took me 23 hours to work up the courage to undo one phillips screw, I wouldn't hold your breath waiting for me ...


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      The NEQ6 mount powers up but refuses to move. This may be just an update to the handset or maybe the gears need a touch of TLC due to itself being sat doing nothing for so long. The tripod is missing the locking pin that pulls the plate up against the legs but this will be reflected in the price. 
      i would like to offer this to the SGL community as I know it will go to someone who will appreciate the kit and do so much more with it than I’ve been able to. 
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      *** Update 26/1/2020
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      NEQ6 - £450 
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      Hi All
      Has anybody else had this problem?
      I use a single, ageing laptop (HP620 8Gb RAM) running Windows 7 Pro 64bit to control my imaging setup using the following software;
      Cartes du Ciel and EQMOD to control EQ5 Pro mount via EQDIRECT cable connected via powered USB Hub
      BackyardEOS to capture images from Canon 450D via same USB powered hub
      PHD2 for guiding using GP-CAM 130C and EQMOD pulse guiding
      What confuses me is that some evenings everything works absolutely fine.  Another evening, using exactly the same hardware, software and even connections (ie I always plug the leads into the same ports) the system will be working fine but then suddenly fail.  The failure affects EQMOD indicating a timeout or port not available issue and the Canon 450D also 'locks' requiring a restart of the camera and BackyardEOS.
      I have run USBTree during such a failure and it is showing that the EQDIRECT cable (ie serial converter) is still connected to COM4 (which is correct) and the Canon 450D is also still connected.  I basically have to ensure that all the software is closed and any associated services also stopped.  Of course, the scope is now pointing away from its home position so I have to move it manually back to 'home' before starting again.
      My thoughts are that there could be a number of issues;
      1. Use of a USB hub
      2. A dodgy EQDIRECT cable
      3. USB cables too long (ie about 5m)
      4. Windows is turning off a connection (I have set the power management for each USB port to 'off')
      5. Canon 450D somehow 'freezing'

      When using this laptop, I turn off the Wifi and Anti Virus and Automatic Updates are also off.
      It just baffles me that sometimes this system works flawlessly for hours and yet other nights it keeps failing.
      Any suggestions gratefully received.
      Thanks for looking.
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      I am at a complete loss to understand why eqmod was not syncing on CdC last night. I have had a look at this video, I had the star centred on the screen [3m33s], I pressed sync on CdC, I got the dialog box [3m39s], I clicked 'yes' and NOTHING happened: the white circle stayed where it was, no sync points were added to EQMOD, zilch!
      I can get round most problems, but this really one stymies my GOTOs and, therefore, my imaging process.
      I have been unable to find anything in the EQMOD documentation that deals with such an error and a search on here has turned up no help (but that always depends on the words put into the search!). I checked all the obvious things (location, date/time, etc - but why any of these should stop sync working is beyond me). It's all running on Windoze 10.
      Any suggestions on why this should have stopped working and (more importantly) how I might get it working?
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