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1st HA shot - M16 Eagle Nebula

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This is only 3 shots at 15 mins each. I have an obstructed view of this and my guiding has been playing up so I've had to get rid of a lot of exposures but to be honest, I'm amazed at the difference this filter makes. I know it needs more but for a first go I'm really pleased. I only added 25 bias and nothing else and did a stretch in PS. Thanks for looking.



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Hi There

The temptation is to whack all the HA into the colour but this over saturates the image.  On this target somewhere between 15-25% should be ample.  I know it seems a waste of HA but not really as you have a HA image too.

You will find it a more pleasing blend and find it will respond more akin to a LRGB image at that blending ratio - as for the blending the most common technique is to add to red - i prefer to add to lum and then re-blend.  Depends on what software you have available.  In PI extract each layer (LRGB) from you LRGB and then add HA to either red or the artificial lum then knit it all back together.

That said i am not a DLSR expert so if someone with better knowledge there guides you might be worth listening - can only suggest processing elements.


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Thanks Paddy. Just for info, I'm using the Atik not the DSLR. So are you saying that you are taking lum as well as HA and when you mention the blend do you mean 15-20% opacity for the HA? Thanks for taking the time to reply. 

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