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P1 - BI Colour Test.jpg


Finally the clouds parted for a bit and the Moon wasn't too pesky! Though my neighbour having a 1am BBQ with three halogen flood lamps helping him find the sausages (not even kidding) did not help!

So this is Panel 1 of a three panel mosaic I am working on, my aim is to collect Ha, OIII and SII data for all three panels, to my base threshold of 20 subs per channel - needless to say, a long term project.

Last night I completed my run of 20x960s in SII and this image is a rough stretch and merge of the Ha and SII data I have for Panel 1 - I mapped Ha to blue, SII to red and the "green" is an artificial channel made by blending the two data sets.

All data gathered from my Meade LX90 8" SCT, f/6.3 focal reducer and ATIK414ex mono.

...so much fun to lug out - but guiding on the NEQ6 I bought last year has made the LX90 have a new lease of life.

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P1 - BI Colour Test 2P.jpg

So completed P2 last night with the SII data, hoping tonight is clear enough (though might be high cloud around) to start on the P3 SII data. Then got to do it all over again for OIII.

Image is comprised of:

40x480s Ha
40x960s SII

Taken through my Meade LX90 8" SCT, f/6.3 reducer and using the ATIK414ex mono. Guiding is via ASI120mm/OAG configuration, PHD giving me an RMS readout of 0.5-0.7".

Ha data was gathered with a nearly full Moon, SII over the past few days.

Mapping is Ha - Blue, SII - Red, Green is artificial.

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