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ASI 1600 First Light

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I received an ASI1600MM from FLO this week and they somehow managed to sneak some clear skies into the box with it :-)

I've been alarmed at how easy it was to get this camera running, the new config on guiding (via the mini hub in the camera) working and guiding and how well EQMOD and stellariumscope are behaving....

hmmmmm, clear skies, equipment working......what could possibly go wrong? 

I'll tell you tomorrow in the imaging section :-)



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    • By Davenn
      The Sun today - 07 May 2019 0130UT (1130 AEST)
      Lunt LS60THa single frame exposures with an ASI 1600MM
      AR2740 with AR2741 just coming around the limb


      This last one using a Televue 2.5x Powermate

    • By f33n3y
      Hi all,
      I'm a newbie to mono imaging and am having trouble with circular/ring shapes in my subs. The circles are particularly pronounced after stacking my Lum subs but also appear in blue stacks. At the moment, this is making my lum subs unusable and I'm only just managing to put together RGB images.
      I'm using an ZWO ASI1600mm with ZWO filter wheel and filters (36mm unmounted).
      The attached TIF (LumStack.TIF) is 10x150sec of Lum subs stacked in DSS. The circles aren't very pronounced at this stage but after DBE and STF (see second SunflowerLum.jpg) the circles are very clear to see.
      I've also attached a stack of Lum data on Bode's galaxy which shows the same issue.
      Does anyone have any ideas what could be causing these?
      Thanks in advance

    • By Davenn
      hi guys
      All my lunar imaging has usually been done with DSLR camera and telephoto lenses, usually the Canon 100-400mm and a x2 teleconverter
      Last nite I finally fired up the new scope and did some imaging
      Skywatcher 120mm x 1000mm fl EVOSTAR Black Diamond
      The mount is a HEQ5 PRO
      so for the first lunar image through that scope with a ASI1600MM camera and Sharpcap capture software


    • By Davenn
      The Sun in Ha 21 Apr 2018
      Absolutely crap seeing conditions... even the "blue" parts of the sky between the cloud gaps had a high haze.
      Nice new active region (AR2706) with spots and a nice prominence showing a large detached section
      Lunt LS60THa, ASI 1600MM camera and Sharpcap capture software
      Full Disk


      Prominences and nice large detached section
      (haven't seen one that well detached before)

    • By Olli
      Since getting my first scope (130p on a az pronto mount)  last Tuesday  I haven’t had much luck with clear skies as it seems to be a curse when you get new astro equipment.  I kept checking the weather forecast and today they said that it was going to be cloudy for tonight ( again ) . But when I  looked out my window at around 7pm I could see Orion in all its glory. So as quickly as I could I grabbed my scope and mount in one hand and the eyepieces in another. Wasn’t that cold out  for once so didn’t need my bobble hat or gloves! As this was an unplanned session I didn’t read up on what targets I should be looking for and also I forgot my torch which is never a good thing.
      However  as Orion was very clear and detailed tonight I thought I would look at the Orion Nebula. Managed to locate it through the red dot finder that came equipped with the scope, the finder was roughly aligned slightly out of place but good enough and then I used the slo mo controls which  are very easy to use to center it in the eyepice. I’ve never seen Nebulae through a scope before and was worried I would be disappointed after seeing all those Hubble pictures with incredible detail and  colour.However I was very wrong. I would never have thought a grey smudge  would be so amazing to look at. Through the 25mm eyepice it looked liked grey wings covering the FOV of the eyepice  with three stars in the middle of it. So after spending about 10 minutes looking through the 25mm I thought I would swap it for the supplied 10mm. Again the view was very good though not as sharp of view that i had with the 25mm and I think I may need to buy a better replacement.
      Anyway after being in awe with Orion I’d thought I would have a quick look at The seven sisters. I’ve seen m45 before with my binoculars but wanted to have a look with the scope. The view was much better in the scope I could see more starts in the cluster then I could with the binoculars after spending about 10 minutes looking at the cluster I saw a satalite quickly move across the FOV which seemed to have an orange light ( would of liked to know what it was) . So after taking my eye off the eyepice I could see that the clouds were starting to role in and was starting to rain so called it a night. I have to say Astronomy is probably one of the most relaxing and most fascinating hobbies that I’ve gotten into.
      so far I’m very impressed with this scope it’s extremely portable which I wanted for reasons like tonight it’s a perfect grab and go scope and easy to use however the supplied 10mm could be better but I can upgrade that. Has been a very good purchase for £200.
      Thanks for reading if you’ve gotten this far and hopefully many more enjoyable nights and reports to come  
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