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The Solar Chromosphere (Ca-K) - 26th August 2016

David Smith

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With clear skies forecast from dawn I made sure I was up nice and early (well for me anyway :rolleyes:) today. True to the forecast there was not a cloud in the sky when I got out at around 06:30 this morning but the Sun was still too low to do anything with at that point so had time to put the kettle on and get set up. Once the Sun cleared the trees I was ready to go. I haven't processed the white light data yet but the Ca-K is by far the larger piece of work.

6 Pane Full Disks @1000mm FL


Close Ups @2500mm FL



Proms @1000mm FL


I have been wanting to try imaging in Ca-K @1500mm for a while but not had enough clear skies to try it, until today! Took 14 panes @1500mm FL


It's not bad but a bit uneven, which I did try to correct. I'm not sure it has given me anything over the 1000mm / 6pane version to be honest so will be interested in your thoughts / comments. If I get enough scope time I will try it again but I can't imagine getting better conditions than this morning to be honest.

AR12580 / 81 @1500mm FL (despite the file name it is in fact a single pane).


Proms at same focal length. Quite pleased with this one as it does show more than the 1000mm version.


Blue skies, sunrise, tunes playing in my headphones, cuppa tea, decent seeing, followed by breakfast in the garden . This is how every day should start.

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Very nice David, we deserve a few long clear days to try a few things rather than smash and grab.

In my limited experience more aperture seems to make more difference than more focal length.

What we really need is a long clear day with perfect stable seeing :grin:


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