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Astrotortilla & the Nifty-Fifty

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I have just acquired a 'nifty-fifty' lens for my canon and am hoping to give it a go this evening.

Now I know there are some who would say that getting it framed is just a matter of 'nudging' the camera until the image looks right. But as I have Astrotortilla loaded, which will do the job automatically, I am inclined to give that a go. The resolution of the camera with this lens will be ~23"/px.

Now AT's 'solve & slew' is set to "repeat until within 1.0'" - which is fine when using a telescope, but I am thinking this could be a little hopeful for this setup. Afterall, 3px equates to about 69", which, being more than 1', would cause it to reject that position and try again. So, it seems that I will need to increase this "repeat until" figure somewhat.

My scope setup produces either just under (without reducer) or just over (with reducer) 1"/px. So my thinking is that something like "repeat until within 20.0'" would be an appropriate sort of figure, equating (in round figures) to about 1' for every 1"/px. Do other users think this is reasonable, or do you think my logic going wrong somewhere?


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