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26 August 2016 - A Daytime Moon


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All a bit blue!  A DSLR stacked image of the Moon.  I was doing my regular Solar imaging run when I realised that the Moon was quite well placed for a swift "daylight" image.  this is the result of a stack of the best 33 from 100 frames taken with an ED120 APO and Canon 1100D.  ISO 100, 1/640 sec exposure.  Stacked in Registax 5 and finished in PS CS5.

26 August 2016 Daytime Moon DSLR.jpg


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You beat me too it?
At my work, first thing this morning, I too spied the Moon, and thought to myself, why-not get the Skyliner out first thing Saturday, and give my Delos  collection a trial run aside my  BSTs as Its been almost impossible at night due to the lighter skies, but more so, the cloudy skies, and who says it cant be done during the day, as you have proven admirably. 
I'm still undecided on my Delos collection, do I go all the way and get the full  set or give up now? They need better evaluation, and  so far this year,  its not been possible.
I have read and have been advised by other members  as to what the benefits are ( I'm investigating astigmatism and the need for Dioptrx or prescription glasses, as I don't use either at present, but see Stars better with glasses on through binoculars, but I don't like wearing them with optics, I just like to snuggle my eyes into the eye-cups! ) but I need to do this from a dark and  clear site to get the best they offer. Personally, from my present site, the Delos is no better visually (to me ) than my Starguider's, they just have a wider field of view, but the hype, urge, adverts, reports and reviews whatever you want to call  them make for a powerful  reason to own the 'Best' but  I suggest to folk, try them first, if possible. They should really be  6 times better than my basic ED eyepieces if you want to work on pricing, but believe me, value is not everything, its the image quality, but I've  digressed a little :icon_biggrin:

Very nice picture too, very impressive.  I'll try my DSLR and/or iPhone, if conditions allow. Any images will appear in my library?

This thread also reminded me of something else i've always wanted to try, photographing Airliners at their cruising altitudes, I have seen some stunning images   using the 8" Newtonian!!

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