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Walking on the Moon

Some viewing at last!


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Looking back at my records, it has been almost three months since I have been out and done any proper observing; lack of true darkness and other commitments! I was surprised just how good the seeing was, especially as we have been having these extremely hot conditions recently; I was also lucky because it was a crystal clear sky, and then shortly after I came indoors, the clouds must have rolled in, because we had a spell of heavy rain, thunder and lightening!!

Anyway, anxious to get going and in not full darkness I took in a few of the more obvious targets; Globular clusters M13 & M15; was also able to capture M81 & M82 in the same field of view in the 32mm (73x); M31 & M110 also in the same field of view.  As full darkness appeared my personal successes were M2 Globular cluster in Aquarius; not quite the `wow` of M13, and in a pretty sparsely populated area of the sky, but still a very impressive sight, and a first for me. Another `first` for me was NGC 6572 Planetary Nebula in Ophiuchus: at first glance I nearly missed it; it is almost star like. Looking into the literature about it, it is visible as an intense blue - green object; to my eyes and conditions it was more mauve/blue. Whilst in this area I just managed to bag Globular clusters M12 & M14 In Ophiuchus before they went out of view for me. Took a bit of time on a few other favourites before finishing with the biggest and boldest of the lot; the Double Cluster in Perseus (NGC 869/884), quite stunning using the 40mm eyepiece.

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Good going Stridor. Conditions in Nottinghamshire have also not been good of late,but like you, I experienced one good seeing night. I have recently aquired a new 2" D/ Diagonal and some better quality eyepieces Teleview  32 mm wide field  25mm and 9mm. which I used on my Celestron 9.  SCT with dramatic improvements. Concentrated on M13 Glob Herc just to see how many stars could be resolved by stepping up the power 9mm at f10 and was quite amazed at the results. Conditions must have been better than expected and then the clouds rolled in and resulted in a thunder storm. Not been viewing since........Dave

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