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Walking on the Moon

nebulosity 4

mark skelton

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I recently purchased/ downloaded the nebulosity 4 onto my laptop. when I connect to the camera (starlight xpress trius h-674) and then click on frame and focus I get black and wight lines going accross the screen, is this nromal? or there something I'm missing?

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What have you set the exposure time to? (I scared the daylights out of myself just last night when I clicked frame and focus and was greeted by an unfocusable wavy black and grey pattern instead of stars. Thought I might have somehow fried the camera before realizing I'd forgotten to set the exposure time and was therefore taking 0-length exposures. Whew.)

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1 hour ago, martin_h said:

Half a second is probably to long, these cameras don't work to well in daylight.

Ok cheers for that, I've tried the camera with the software that came with it, it's ok but a bit fiddly to get on with so I'm trying nebulosity 4


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