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H-Alpha action: 1h 20m animation of new AR, 2580, 24th August


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A lovely morning here in St Neots, Cambridgeshire: a light breeze only, thin cloud keeping away from the sun, equipment working perfectly. The only problem is the seeing. It's not the usual "wobbly" sort, rather it seems to make everything slightly blurred. Ah, well, can't complain... 

This is my longest animation so far; 1 hour 20 minutes in 85 frames.  I hadn't bargained on the image getting brighter as the sun rose higher, so this one start dark and gets brighter over the 85 frames.

I was lucky to catch it at a particularly active time I think.  Gotta love that H-A action!  

The last animation was slightly jerky so this time I reduced recording time from a minute to 45 seconds and tried to record data back to back with no gaps,  which was not always possible, as the unguided scope needs regular correction. Still, it's come out much smoother than previously. 




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45 minutes ago, johnfosteruk said:

Just tell the boss the chainsaw broke.

Thanks John. Good idea. And it might avoid any unpleasantness with her getting the idea to wave it around in my direction :happy10:

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Wow Iain, that's a really fine animation.  Lot's of lovely smooth action, and the seeing doesn't detract from it  one jot, top notch.  :hello2:

Bye the way Iain, are you sure that's a hedge you've got there?  Looks more like a trifid, I'd call for air support if I were you!!  :biggrin:

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3 hours ago, paulastro said:

are you sure that's a hedge you've got there?

Ha, my thought exactly. I left it to the end of the day, assuming the chainsaw would make easy work of it, and I'd be a hero,  but it turns out that chainsaws can't cut thick branches, which is what this mostly is. Storms here now, and it looks like Friday will be the first for chance for solar and hedge work 


1 hour ago, cshahar said:

the results can be spectacular, as they are here

Thank you Charles, I was lucky with this one today, I think. It quietened down a lot later. 

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