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M13 and Veil Nebula


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Hi, I managed to get out and grab some photons during the last new moon. Here are a couple of my latest images, M13 and the Veil Nebula (or at least part of it).

The image of M13 was the first time I have taken subs through my 4x Powermate - this meant that the subject filled the frame and I didn't need to crop the 27 x 4 minute subs. Needed to take new darks and bias as most of my stock calibration frames were taken at cooler temperatures during winter and spring. Flats were essential as the Powermate (purchased 2nd hand) has some visual smears on it. The flats removed that quite nicely but I'd like to clean this up - does anyone have suggestions for cleaning tips and cleaning materials? Given the magnification of the powermate, I'm quite pleased with this.   

Veil nebula image is the result of 66 x 4 minute subs taken over two nights - bit of coma effect in the corners of this image as it was taken without magnification - may invest in a coma corrector to get rid of this for when I look to take subs for mosaics.

All subs captured with my un-modded Canon EOS D500 at ISO 800 and guided. Have now upgraded my mount to an NEQ6 which is solid as a rock :icon_biggrin:

Any comments or advice are gratefully accepted as usual. Thanks for looking. Richard


M13 (reduced size).png

Veil Nebula...

Veil Nebula (reduced size).png

Clear Skies.

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