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DSLR clip in filters

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As per the title is it worth spending the money on a clip in filter for dslr that has not been modded. They are expensive and I am sure there are other things I could spend money on but dont know enough about them.

I do not really have any light pollution in my area.

I cannot use a normal 1.25" filter as I cannot use my barlow with the lens removed as I will not be able to get focus.


cheers all


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yes it is worth it, as it helps  massively with LP, BUT with an unmodded camera you will get a green tinge to your images, which can be processed out.

The CLS filters are designed for use in modded cameras, and give almost perfect colour balance on a modded camera

but I assure you it will help big time with LP, you just need to alter the red Chanel in post processing to even up the colour balance.


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5 minutes ago, spillage said:

Thanks for the info Bill.

Do you know if I could use this https://www.firstlightoptics.com/light-pollution-reduction/explore-scientific-cls-nebula-filter-1-25-2-inch.html (the 2" version) between the focuser and the t ring adapter?

Yes, but you would need the 2" version.

you would be better with the Astronomik CLS clip in filter really, more expensive but superb.

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The CLS filters are so so much better in a modded camera. I found it annoying before the mod and indispensable after. I would also say that a modded 450d will kick the ass out of even the most modern and expensive un-modded DSLRs. I grantee you that you will get more bang for you money from butchering a 80pound camera off e-bay yourself and removing its filter (without replacement filter) then you will from spending more on a CLS filter. Especially as you are saying you have low light pollution anyway. After you have have a h-a sensitive camera you can buy a CLS filter at a later stage and enjoy the experience without messing about with processing out color imbalance. Doing this will gain you at least 5 times the sensitivity to H-A.


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