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Sixpenny Handley star party 2016

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Hi All,

Running very late this year for organising the micro star party at Sixpenny Handley, near Salisbury.

The dates for this years even at 2nd to the 9th October.

As with other years it's a very relaxed and laid back (if not horizontal) affair and all are welcome. Book direct with the site on 01725 552563, ask for Steve.


Drop me a pm if you're wanting to come so I have an idea of numbers.


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I would like to come but my camper van is on stands with no front wheels at the moment waiting for the mystery of the front wheel bearings to be sorted.

If it's sorted in time I shall be there.

Any Peugoet / Fiat mechanics on this forum ?


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Hi all I meant to post sooner but loosing track of time. I am truly gutted that I will not be making it this year. I have been sent out to work in the middle of the east. I have been here for four months and no light at the end of the tunnel so far. I wish you all the very best and hope the weather holds for you. I will look forward to seeing you all next year. Have a good one.


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Pity more of you couldn't make it.

Annoyingly this was the best year for weather we've ever had. 4 excellent nights, 1 very good night and only two nights that were not so (still decent for visual though). And only an hour of rain all week. Definite proof that scopes attract the wet stuff.

Next year I will be moving the event to the spring now that the SGL event has moved. I can't attend both events so close together and I like having the two breaks spread across the year. Dates and details will be issued in the new year.

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