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The Fetus Nebula - It's really small

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It's really small, but it does look like a fetus. If you zoom right in and squint a little.

Serious though, processing is not great, im still not happy with the star field which looks great in L but seem to alter when i add the colour. I think they may be slightly out of line. Can you stack the colours using an L as a ref frame?

Any tips for helping the colour out would be appreciated, although the colour in the teeny nebula looks pretty accurate?

Thanks guys.


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Interesting little planetary.

Your RGB layers are certainly not well aligned. What software are you using? If ever my basic stacking and calibrating software (AstroArt) does a poor job I re-do it in Registar which is infallible. Not cheap, though. I find that AstroArt likes the red channel to be the reference channel when aligning RGB. I don't know why it prefers this but it does.


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Olly, I can get the left top part of the histogram lined up but not the curve on the right which is what i think causes the imbalance (this is the brighter part of the image?)? I use PS6 but I'm not sure what to adjust to sort it?

I use DSS and use  a reference frame each time. Should the red channel be the preferred one to use?

EDIT - I've restacked using a L frame as ref and it has made a difference. I'm quite pleased with this one now!! Thanks Olly.


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