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The Baader zoom is known for it's great versatile performance with h-alpha. Unfortunately as many of you Lunt 50mm owners know, it does not reach focus with the scope due to a lack of in focus. I saw saguaro's post here: http://www.cloudynights.com/topic/475199-anyone-with-the-new-lunt-50mm-pt/?p=6476959 but the adapters would set me back $40+.  I went ahead and ordered a shorter eyepiece holder for the blocking filter- one that is 15mm tall vs the 30mm height of the original. Made sure to get one with setscrews to protect my eyepiece barrels from scratches. 

Arrived from China surprisingly fast- 9 days from the day I ordered.

The pieces.

Original on left, new one on right.

Height difference. Original on left again.

Attached to blocking filter. Original configuration seen first.


Zoom in blocking filter. Notice the small gap. It's caused by the eyepiece barrel resting on the blocking filter. Not by any means a bad thing.

Proof it reaches focus. There's still some extra in travel left.


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Very nice mate.  I appreciate the images & information, Its really nice to know that you have sorted out this issue and can now make use of that really lovely EP.   I am sure other SGL members will be interested in this.  Nice Ha image too ! :)

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Nice solution to an enduring problem - you can also get short T2 to 1.25" adapters from retailers like 365. There's a TS one, which is cheaper than the Baader option.

Obviously it will only reduce the light path if you're using eyepieces with relatively short barrels - like the Hyperion zoom. Unfortunately my Pentax zoom has a long barrel - fortunately I can just reach focus with the standard set up - though a few more mms of in-focus would not go amiss. 


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Lunt BF ... EP holders are T2 I believe ... so I'm curious if a Maxbright were screwed directly onto the BF could it

achieve focus due to the shorter path ... but also could the LS50 focuser handle the extra Bino weight ?



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A BF 6 wouldn't make contact with the window ... an 18 ? or a 34 definitely would.

I also use the hype-zoom for solar but think the Tele Plossl's have an edge on sharpness ... simple solar rule 

keep it simple ... like me :)



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5 minutes ago, Solar B said:

A BF 6 wouldn't make contact with the window ... an 18 ? or a 34 definitely would.

I also use the hype-zoom for solar but think the Tele Plossl's have an edge on sharpness ... simple solar rule 

keep it simple ... like me :)



I thought that too Brian, until I used a Leica ASPH Zoom :) 

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