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AAG CloudWatcher settings


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I didn't get to test my AAG CloudWatcher during the summer months last year, only during the winter where it worked perfectly. I note now that the warmer nights have upset the balance with regard to Clear v Cloudy. Have any fellow AAG CW users reset their K1 - K7 coefficient figures to compensate for 'summer' and if so, could you divulge your settings? Mine are still on the defaults of 33   0   4   100   100   0   0

Thanks in advance!

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Hello Steve,


Having just recently acquired an AAG_CloudWatcher device, I am very curious to learn how exactly you have installed it in your Pulsar observatory.  I am trying to interface the Cloud Watcher with MaximDL, but although the program will display the data, I cannot make Maxim respond to the unsafe condition alert.  Do you know how to do that?

My installation is in many ways quite similar to yours, I believe, so would be very interested to compare notes, especially since I am located not far from you in Chailey, East Sussex.


Best wishes,



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Hi Stephen,

Another SGL member (Oddsocks) has alerted me to your post so my apologies for not spotting it earlier.

I don't integrate the AAG CloudWatcher directly into Maxim, I use CCD Commander to run the automation and it is CCD Commander that interfaces with the AAG software.

I don't know for certain if it can be used directly with MaxIm - I am assuming that you have version 6 as the version I prefer to use is version 5 and that doesn't support weather monitoring at all?

The problem here may be that MaxIm DL is specifically looking at the Boltwood driver - in CCD Commander, I get round this by reading 'fooling' the system into believing that it is reading the continuously updated data file from a Boltwood device but I am not sure that this would be achievable within Maxim.

I will have a look when I have a chance and report back but you may feel that the investment in CCD Commander ($99.00) would be worthwhile anyway if you like Maxim as I do!

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