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Hello all, there's a meteorshower tonight and I wanted to shoot it with my new GoPro hero3+ witch I just bought (and not really sure how to use...)

Any tips or advice would be great.

Thanks in advance ??

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If you live near me; suggest stick it on a cycle helmet and pedal about 200 miles to find a break in the clouds. Why do all the best sky sights coincide with poor weather and total cloud cover? Aaarrrggghhhh!

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Set it to night lapse, 30 sec continuous shots.... 12MP Wide and stick it in the middle of a garden or field away from direct lights...  however, depending how dark it is you should set the ISO to either 200 or 400... I've done it with my Hero 4 before and will again later if the clouds go away!! :-(

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    • By Astrofriend
      When you have a lot of fun stuff you always think, is there another way I can use it ? I bought recently an used GoPro Hero5 Black camera. It's excelent to do time lapse movies with. But could it be used for astrophotography ? I have in mind doing time lapse of meteor showers. When I use my DSLR with a mechanical shutter I use 1/100 of its life time every night I use it for time lapse. With the GoPro camera there is no mechnical shutter, but will it be sensitive enough ? A very rough estimate is that it only have 1/10 of the sensitivity per pixel. But I'm curious, I want to test it.
      I collected some information here and test that I have done:
      At the end a link to last night Perseid meteor shower. And it really works, but only catch the strongest meteors, but the camera is small and I can have it in my pocket so very easy to bring out in the dark and setup.
    • By A_Chobanova
      We carefully monitor the displacement of the radiant. It looks like a meteor shower!
    • By KE400
      I haven't posted for way too long but while I'm waiting for my new obsy to get built I decided to see what I can do with my new GoPro HERO4 Black that I've just purchased.
      It's rainy season over here in Philippines sadly so clouded out quite a lot but my 1st impressions have been very promising with this new cam. Once the season changes I'm certain there's some great footage to capture here.
      I'm still unsure of what settings I need to use to get the best results and I'm also trying different locations to see what works best, looking for darker skies (avoiding neighbours night lights!) etc...
      If there are any other GoPro users that can give me any hints/advice it would be greatly appreciated, especially with processing the raw data. At the moment I'm just processing through the free GoPro Studio software.
      Thanks for taking a look
      GoPro HERO4 Black My Nightlapse.mp4
      GoPro HERO4 Black Nightlapse.mp4
    • By Langy
      I've created a small compilation of videos of the Night Sky from my small back garden,
      Living in a small town with light pollution it's quite surprising on what you can see and even more surprising on how much the GoPro will pick up.
      I hope you like the video.
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