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2 minutes ago, Hunting_Andromeda said:

Any members from dorset here?

I think there are quite a few around who will say hello soon I'm sure.

Nice part of the world; I've had many lovely nights observing on the Purbeck peninsula whilst camping with my children. Fab skies in comparison with the horrors of living near Heathrow!

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ha ha cheers guys, I only ask as i live in Poole :)


I am relatively new to this, trying out astrophotography and hopefully try to get some goog imaging with my telescope, im off to Knowlton church in Dorset tonight in hope to get some nice images! 

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Newbie from costa del Bournemouth  ☺ Went out to the New Forest at the weekend and managed these .... with the help of Registax 6 lol 

Although almost all of them (100+ images)  were a blurry mess I'm surprised these came out so well





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Hello again 

Just putting it out there that if any of you would like to join myself and a few friends on Monday the 5th of september for an evening of stargazing then you are welcome.  

We meet at Turf Hill in the New Forest around 5-6ish.  This of course is weather permitting !


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