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Cricket bags on wheels - telescope transport?

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Just had an idea!

Huge wheeled padded cricket bags; some are two tiered; with multiple large compartments. Might these resolve transport problems for small to modest sized SCT'S and similar etc?

Not sure if it's investable via Dragon's Den, but has anybody tried this? Can anybody suggest manufacturers and models worth considering?  Which have the capacity to accomodate original scope packaging foam?  The ones used by county cricketers are massive.

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(With cricketing experience!) The bags are not all that well padded, until you put in the pads themselves (!). You might find luck with a coffin type bag (which have rigid sides) but you'll still need to add significant foam padding to the inside of them to protect optics. Some do come with metal edge reinforcements too - see: http://www.ajsportsglobal.com/wheelie-coffin---heavy-duty-1827-p.asp. Not the cheapest, but cheaper than a similarly sized Pelican (though I wouldn't trust in in hold baggage....)


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1 hour ago, Stub Mandrel said:

I noticed huge off-road fishing-gear barrows for £32 in Aldi. Look ideal for the big-dob-mob.

Price in Aldi now £39.99 after your recommendation! Must be more big dob mob in Essex creating demand! Or usual south East rip off higher prices.

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