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Celestron CGEM, a good buy.

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I have the opportunity to buy a used one of these off ABS for £700, it will replace my CG5 advanced GT, it has recently been serviced by Celestron, are these a good buy? does anyone have one? is there a better used buy IE: an EQ6 synscan or something else around that used price?


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Well, yes for a medium heavy mount its a good price in my opinion depending on its

good condition .

Have one in my backyard since 5 years,runs well, reliable, never had any problems.  Mounted 115 mm triplet frac or an 8 " newton and at times 10 " Meade SCT, never gave me any headache.

I was keen not to upgrade the firmware and i guess was a good move as it never showed any bootload error 0080 so far, which is annoying  on the AVX mounts case. Its quiet heavy  and not advisable for a grab and go set up. CG 5 is baby weight against CGEM. With a good polar PA up to 1200 s  is possible with  115 mm frac. Risk free is 600 & 900 s .image.jpgimage.jpg

Hope this helps,

gd lk






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